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Tomatoes are fully packed with vitamins and nutrients that are useful for your skin. It’s one of the most effective skincare ingredients that helps clear out blemishes and acne, resulting in glowing skin. Here are ten fantastic skin benefits of tomatoes that you should know. Continue reading to find out.

 Acts as a Natural Sun Protectant

Tomatoes are a natural protectant from the sun since they contain lycopene elements that protect one from the harmful effects of the sun. They help in reducing sunburn risk and heat rash. Increase your intake of tomatoes to protect yourself from UV light.

Help Remove Dead Skin Cells

Our environment is polluted, and even outside, your skin attracts dirt that clogs your skin pores. Enzymes in tomatoes help in getting rid of dead skin cells. Tomatoes offer exfoliation benefits when you apply them to your skin. It improves the complexion of your skin, leaving it healthy and radiant. 

Reduces Signs of Ageing

Tomatoes are a great source of vitamin B, which contains anti-aging properties. They greatly help in clearing dark spots, fine lines, and wrinkles. Also, it aids in reducing hyperpigmentation and sunburn. Eating tomatoes help your body get enough vitamins, leaving your skin looking youthful.

Prevent acne 

 Oily skin type is mainly affected by acne and pimples. Applying a tomato face mask will help prevent acne and eliminate spots on your face. Vitamin A, C, and K found in tomatoes help cleanse your skin, minimizing and preventing breakouts.

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Moisturize Your Skin

For days back, tomatoes have been used as a skin moisturizer. For dry skin, apply tomato to moisturize it. Dry skin, if not cared for, will lead to cracking and itching. Tomatoes are rich in potassium and antioxidants, which aid in toning and brightening your skin. They help in enhancing your natural beauty.

Reduces Oiliness

Dermatologist suggests tomatoes helps reduce oil from your skin. If your skin is oily, tomatoes will do wonders in lowering the oil content from your skin. 

Tightens Pores

When your skin has large pores, it easily attracts dirt or other things. When the dust combines with your natural oil, it clogs the pores causing breakouts. Tomatoes are a genuine toner that helps reduce pores’ size, giving you tighter and smooth skin. It is a beauty tip that you try out. 

Stimulate Collagen Production

Besides improving your immune system, vitamin C serum helps to boost collagen production. More so, it helps boost skin elasticity making your skin firmer.

Treats Sunburns

Vitamin A and C in tomatoes aid in reducing sunburns on the skin. It smooths the skin and removes the redness of the skin.

 Fight Cellular Damage

Tomatoes contain antioxidants that aid the body in fighting off free radicals. Free radicals can destroy skin cells increasing the risk of signs of aging. To avoid this, eat tomatoes more often. You can search for a dermatologist near me to get one that will help you use tomatoes and any query that you might have concerning how it helps in cellular damage. 

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