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The spectrum for different types of skin is large and varied. We can distinguish the skin on a lot of factors, one of them being the amount of moisture present in the skin. 

Some people are prone to dry skin in general, while others unintentionally make decisions that dries their skin.

To know how to cure it, one must know what causes it. 

  1. Unbalanced pH levels of the skin- the most common and basic reason
Skin ph Balance

Everything in life is balanced and so is your skin. When the skin is exposed to several products with their own set of chemicals, it tends to disrupt the neutral state of your skin. Hence, it is important to trim down the number of products and only stick to the requirements.

At Maea, their main objective is to balance the microbiome of the skin. To know more check out their lastest blog- (https://mymaea.com/the-macro-role-of-microbiome/ ). 

Only use those products that target the specific problem or solves the underlying issue that causes multiple skin issues. #LessIsMore

It is important for us to be aware of what is in the products we use. For example, cleansers are a crucial step in skincare. If it has a high pH, it can become extremely drying. Which is why, Maea’s Makeup Remover and Cleanser has probiotic extracts that balance the skin with essential oils that keep it hydrated. 

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2. Hot water- Another common mistake made by a lot of people while washing their face. The hot water strips the skin of its natural oils which further dries the skin. This could cause a chain reaction- dry skin leads to a damaged moisture barrier leading to more skin problems. 

The solution here is a balance as well- lukewarm water. Not too hot yet not too cold. 

3. Dead skin cells– The skin is constantly making new cells and shedding the old ones. It is a part of the cell regeneration cycle. When the old ones start to accumulate it tends to cause dry patches and clogged pores. 

Hence, one must keep regularly exfoliating the skin to improve overall texture. But not just any type of exfoliation, chemical exfoliation. The other type, physical exfoliation has recently proved to be quite harmful for the skin.

It entails using manual tools like brushes and facial scrubs to remove the dead skin. However, it can lead to more problems like disrupting the skin barrier and losing moisture leading to more dryness. 

That’s the reason why we recommend using chemical exfoliators like the Gentle Cleansing & Exfoliating Foam. Probiotic ingredients and natural oils are added to this gentle face oil cleanser, which glides onto the skin and leaves it feeling clean, fresh, and healthy. For an unrivalled shine, Maea’s P3 Biome Complex balances, repairs, and protects the skin.

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It’s a Skinvestment!

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