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You have the eyeliner and the determination to succeed and get the perfect makeup look which is not cakey but you are a beginner and not well versed at getting the perfect lines. Regardless, you are still on track to achieving the winged liner that you desire. What you should know however is that anyone can wear winged eyeliner for hooded eyes. It really doesn’t matter what is your eye type as long as you know how to perfectly execute the drawing. That’s what this guide is all about, so don’t fret.

Winged eyeliner focuses mostly on lining only the upper lid, somewhat similar to a cat eye makeup. Achieving the perfect winged eyeliner look is your dream and this guide is going to outline for you ways to perfect it.

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Here are some of the best makeup tips for creating the perfect winged eyeliner look:

Use tape

To start, you can use a piece of the household tape just below where you will draw the eyeliner wing. You will use the tape as a tracking line and then draw on the wing. You can then remove the tape to get a perfect clear winged eyeliner look.

Keep your elbows firm

In order for you to get the best eyeliner, always ensure that you have your elbows supported on a table. This makes it stable as you apply winged eyeliner so that you leave no room for any errors that might ruin your perfect eyeliner draw.

Clean up the lines

You have finished drawing either your white eyeliner or the permanent eyeliner. To finish off well, dip an angled brush or even the Q-tip in makeup removing solution and then clean up any of those imperfect lines that are undesirable.

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Step smokey eyes

For you to get quick smokey eyes it will be best for you to use a gel eyeliner pencil to line your eyes. Do this with keenness to achieve the perfect line and then gently blend the eyeliner for that smokey winged eyeliner result. This also comes with the advantage of providing a base for your eye shadow and guaranteeing long lasting shadow.

Practice always makes perfect

If you are a novice in making eyeliners, it is best to start with a pen version. This lets you get a feel of the fluidity of the eyeliner pen. You can practice drawing eyeliner on the back of your hand before you move to applying the winged eyeliner. This allows you to make mistakes and then correct them so that you get perfect over time. Always use small strokes along the lush line until you are able to perfect a good fluid line. Always Make sure your know how to apply foundation correctly in your makeup as it makes the base of your eye makeup.

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Get the perfect tools for the trade

You have now perfected your technique of eyeliner application. The next thing you want to do is get the right tools that will help you to achieve the winged permanent eyeliner look. Talk to a beauty stylist to give you some advice about the best tools for makeup that you can use.

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