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Are you new to makeup or are you just starting your makeup journey? There are many wholesale cosmetics but you don’t know how to use these? Being a beginner you might not know what items to be used for makeup. Worry not, we are here to help you out in finding the 10 best makeup items for beginners. Here we go:


Moisturising is the first step towards applying any makeup on you face or skin. A well moisturised skin is a good base for applying the makeup. Thus always remember to moisturise your skin before applying makeup.

Simply dot you clean skin with moisturizer, warm you palm and apply the moisturiser gently with warm palm and fingers in gentle circular motions. 


It is the basic step to make that perfect base for applying makeup. It helps in reducing the appearance of pores on skin and make your skin glow. It helps in making your makeup last longer. You can buy wholesale makeup items which include these basic items such as primer etc. 


As the name suggests, it makes the very foundation of your makeup. It helps in making your skin flawless and gives a radiant glow to your skin. You can apply it with a makeup foundation brush, a sponge or fingers. 


Concealers give a flawless skin and good coverage to blemishes, dark spots, wrinkles and dark circles. The concealer helps in that extra coverage which your foundation fails to give sometimes. 

Compact powder

A compact powder helps in setting your makeup and make that extra oil go away. This ways your makeup lasts for longer.


An eyeshadow gives that extra uplift and beautiful look to your eyes. Its always a wonderful idea to invest in an eyeshadow palette to make different eye shadow shades for your eye makeup. You can check out this Anastasia eyeshadow palette


Be it a Kajal pencil or a liquid eye liner, you can always enhance your Beauty with an eyeliner. 


You can enhance the beauty of your face and cheeks with a bronzer. Its easy to apply and enhance your overall look as well. 


A highlighter makes you skin look sun kissed and it adds an extra healthy shine to your face.


To make your lips pop out, a lipstick is vital. You can choose your lip shade according to your skin tone and according to your whole makeup look. A lipstick completes your full makeup look. 

If you are a beginner then you can check out these cheap makeup brands, which are of good quality and will help you out in learning makeup skills and exploring makeup items. 

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