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Did you know what makeup exactly is?

Make up in itself is termed as a change or modification in the face of a person as an attempt to make them look the best. Make up does not hold the only motive of beautifying someone, but it is also a strong point when it comes to providing positive energy to that particular person by boosting their guts through the medium of make up. Applying something that would make one beautiful like powder, cream, lotion etc is the main constituent of makeup. Now, working on makeups is not everyone’s cup of tea. A good makeup is the work of a good makeup artist. 

If you don’t feel confident in applying makeup in a perfect way then check out lists of best bridal makeup artists and get help of a professional.

Coming to makeup artist, a makeup artist is someone who works on the body of a person to apply the necessary lotions, creams, powder etc to glow up his or her skin.

Make up has been divided into many parts and each of those many activities come up with a completely different make up procedure. Such as applying foundation is also a very crucial part of a perfect make up.

Why do we require a foundation in first place?

Foundation is a skin coloured makeup applied on the skin to create contrast with the skin colour and cover the flaws, sometimes to hide the natural skin colour. The application of foundation is also termed as “body painting”. Applying foundation  gives the appearance of a light, golden tan without leading damage to the real thing. Foundation make up can be of different types. The main varieties of foundation are:

  • Liquid,
  • Powder,
  • Stick,
  • Mineral Powder, 
  • Tinted Moisturizer,
  • BB Cream,
  • CC Cream.

Now, before you apply foundation, you need to choose among the different varieties and pick  the one that goes with your skin color.

How to Apply Foundation Correctly in Your Make Up

There are three ways in which you can figure out the best shade for you among the rest, knowing whether you have a warm, or cool, or neutral undertone.

Here lies the tip:

Tip 1:

Check whether gold jewelry suits your skin better. This way you can figure out that you have a warm undertone.

Now, if your complexion suits better in silver jewelry, then you have a cooler undertone.

If both are equally likable by your skin, that is, you can wear both gold and silver jewelry, then it is more likely that you have neutral undertones.

Here is another tip to check your skin tone:

If your skin tone is enhanced by whiter clothes then you are more likely to have warmer undertones;

If whiter clothes make your skin look more dull or rather washes you out, it is more likely that you have cooler undertones;

One more, just for you!

Check the veins running through your wrist. If those are slightly greenish, then you are more likely to have warmer undertones;

If the veins are bluer in color or have a slightly purple tinge, then you can be having cooler undertones.

Finally, when you have identified your skin tone properly, you are ready to use the foundation. A foundation needs to be applied properly. The main steps to apply foundation are as follows:

1) Moisturize skin ~ Apply moisturizer gently on the skin and wait for a few minutes to make the Moisturizer work before applying foundation.

2) Pour required amount of foundation in the pallette ~ Try to pour little amount of foundation on pallette which can be even the back of the hand, a small dish or even a folded napkin.

3) Use the fingertips ~ Gently dip fingertips in the foundation and massage it on the forehead, cheeks, nose and the chin very softly.

4) Blend the foundation ~ Start massaging the foundation in the areas which doesn’t have even skin tone. Massage it in a circular and upward direction. Blend the foundation lightly.

5) Blend the edges ~ Blend the foundation carefully into the jawline, hairline, and around the ears to avoid leaving distinct lines.It is normal for the face to be a little lighter than the rest of the body.

6) Set the foundation ~ Wait for the foundation to dry and blot the face with a tissue. Start applying other make ups.

These are the steps that must be followed to apply foundation correctly.

Apply Foundation Correctly in Your Make Up

A few tips while applying foundation:

  • Do not forget while applying foundation to put some over your eyelids so that you can reduce the redness alongside. This way, one can conceal the redness from superficial capillaries which are often visible through thinner eyelid skin.
  • While applying foundation, you need good lighting. If there are no windows or a good natural light near your area, you can rather switch to your bathroom and smoothen the foundation over your skin at the artificial light of the sink, and then check it in natural light. This way you can easily ensure that when you walk out of the house, you have the right foundation shade without any patches.
  • If your skin often tends to start sweating heavily or breaks out, go for an oil-free foundation. If you have a drier skin base that becomes too cracky, try using an oil-based formula. Hydrate your acne-prone skin well, but never with too much of oil-based products as that is not the best way to do it. This is because the heavier formula chemicals can clog your pores. Therefore, go for the water based foundations which are suitable for sensitive and oily skin types. While for your drier skin, the heavier formula will do.
  • If you want to know whether the foundation that you are using is water based or oil based, just go through the ingredients in the list at the back of the bottle. A water based formula will always list water as its first ingredient. It may also be labeled as oil free. An oil based foundation will consist of several oils — like argan oil may be included in the list of ingredients at the back of the bottle.
  • If you do not have a concealer, you can use a liquid foundation. Place a tiny dot of liquid foundation in the place where you want hiding, and then wait for a few moments till the formula is set. Finally, you can blend out lightly.
  • While you are blending your foundation, you need to wait till the foundation dries slightly and thickens a bit on your skin. Wait till it reaches the consistency of the concealer before you try to blend it completely on the skin. This is because if you blend the foundation too soon, it often becomes sheer and rubs off.
  • If you have been looking for a glowing skin, try out mixing an illuminating formula with the foundation so that you can get a subtle glow. Blend the formula well together and cover with it all over your face.

These tips will help you gain access to a well finished foundation skin.

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