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It should not be complicated to achieve the best and flawless make up. Whether you’re new to this or a pro, these tips and tricks or say beauty hacks will help you nail it down. You will get the right advice right here, right now. Below are our 30 best makeup tips for beginners.

Prep Your Skin

Prep your skin with skincare products before you start applying makeup. It will help cleanse and moisturise your skin, hence the proper makeup layout for a perfect finish.

Apply Foundation Before Concealer

To make your makeup stand out, ensure that you always apply foundation before doing the concealer. Also, this will aid in reducing any redness or discoloration. Applying your foundation before the concealer helps prevent creasing and caking of your makeup looks.

Apply Foundation Using Downward Strokes

There is a thin layer of hair on most people’s faces. Thus, applying your foundation in an upward stroke direction will cause your hair strands to stand, resulting in peach fuzz. To avoid this peach fuzz, always use downward strokes when applying your foundation.

Right Application For Right Coverage

Use a foundation brush when applying foundation for the whole face, but it’s only for some parts. Use your fingers for applying foundation.

Apply The Concealer in a Conical Shape

The majority are the ones that apply concealer in a semi-circular pattern down the eyes to reduce the puffiness and the visibility of the eye bags. There is a great tip that does wonders in concealing and blending, and that’s the conical shape concealer application method.

DIY Color Correcting Palette

Concealers of different colors cover up a scar or a flaw on the face. An example is a green concealer used to cover up any redness on your face. If your color correction palette is finished, you don’t need to worry. Mix your usual concealer with an eyeshadow of the color you want the concealer to be. And pap! you got a concealer palette.

Know The Important Focal Points

These important focal points are under the eyes, near the nose, and on the sides of the mouth. This tip is for those days when you don’t have enough time to do whole makeup. You have to dab your concealer on these focal points, and you’re good to go.

Ensure Your Primer Complements Your Foundation

If your primer and foundation don’t have the same base, it would be hard to blend, sliding off the face. This is one of the makeup mistakes that make you look older. You must pick the primer that fits your skin type.

Correct Use Of Face Powder

There are two types of face powder. Pressed and loose powder. Ensure you know what powder serves what purpose. Use the Pressed powder for touch-ups. Then loose powder to keep the makeup in place for a long time is best for bridal makeup.

Apply The Liner After Lipstick

When you apply your lipstick first, it will be easy to apply the liner. More so, when they start to fade, they will fade together.

Apply Your Lipstick From The Middle

This is a great tip that will give you a flawless and perfect finish. Start from the middle moving outwards.

Know Your Brushes

It can be challenging and confusing to know which makeup brush is used for what, especially if you have several brushes. Fluffy brushes are best for products like powders, while small brushes are perfect for eyeliner and lipstick.

Clean Your Brushes

Cleanliness is the key. You got no excuse for not cleaning your makeup brushes. It will cause breakouts on your face if you don’t since dirty brushes are a breeding place for bacteria. Use shampoo when cleaning.

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Do Your Makeup Under Natural Light

Light plays a crucial role in makeup application. You will have a clear view of your application in natural light and if the products have blended well.

 Wet The Tip Before Application

You can either dip the tip of the brush in water or spray the brush with a makeup spray to get the desired intense results.

Melt Your Pencil Liner

it will help the pencil liner glide smoothly. Melt the tip of the pencil under a flame for a few seconds. Then first test it on your hand to see if it’s hot or cool before applying it to your eyes.

Use Spoon as a Mascara Shield

When you use the Spoon as a shield when you apply your mascara, you swipe the mascara wand, which will stick to the Spoon instead of your skin. 

Heat Your Eyelash Curler With a Hair Dryer

Use the blowdryer to heat your lash curler, then let it rest until it cools off but is still warm. Go on to curl your lashes by clamping them. It will help the lashes curl easily and maintain their shape for a long time.

Apply Eyelash Glue With a Bobby Pin

Why have clumpy-looking lashes when there is a way you can apply them like a pro? Try this tip. Put a small amount of glue to the lash band and spread it equally. Wait until the glue is in, then place the lashes on.

Mix Your Own Lip Color With Petroleum Jelly

It s possible to make your lip gloss by mixing your favorite eyeshadow color from your eyeshadow palette with petroleum jelly. There you have your own unique and cheap lip color.

Thumb Rule

Have you ever applied lipstick and gotten lipstick stuck on your teeth. It can be annoying and embarrassing. Use this tip by putting your thumb inside your lips to avoid this.

Use Tissue Paper For Blotting Oil

Instead of blotting the oil with powder, use tissue paper. It will help blot out excess on your face.

Use Translucent Powder For Lashes

Fuller and voluminous lashes are the desire of every lady. To get that apply translucent powder to lashes. And there you’ve, your lashes plumped.

Instant Eye Lift

Eye lift defines your eyebrows. Apply highlight above the arch of your brows, then blend it out. This change will be clearly visible on your face.

Don’t Share Makeup Items

It’s not hygienic to share your makeup products with others. When you do so, you are at risk of getting infections.

Brush Handle as a Contour Guide

Our faces are differently shaped. Where your contour is may not be exactly like someone else. If you find out where you are, roll a pen below the cheekbone. After finding it apply bronzer below it and blend the color to soften it.

Follow the Correct Order

The right and correct makeup routine and steps are crucial for the makeup to work. Starting with the eyes and brows is the proper order to follow when applying makeup. Another tip here is to put your foundation, concealer, and powder at the end of your application. Doing this will help spot any flaws and cover them up.

Baby Powder For Thicker Lashes

Put baby powder and a coat of mascara. Apply another coat, then there you have thinker and voluminous lashes.

Make Your Lipstick Last Longer

If you see that your lipstick doesn’t last until the end of the day, use this trick. It will help. Put a tissue over your lips, then dust with translucent powder. Doing this will aid in setting the color and make the lipstick last longer.

Never Put Concealer On Your Eyelids

Please take note of this. Never apply concealer to the eyelids. It might spoil your eye makeup by making it creased.

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