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Amidst many fad diets you keep hearing of there is one that actually takes the top spot and it is the banana milk diet. Even though it is a restrictive diet, it will help you achieve rapid weight loss. However, you will have to make strict choices by eating only bananas and drinking skimmed milk. 

Here below are some 10 benefits of milk and banana diet:

Less calories intake per day

This diet consists of banana and milk exclusively and nothing more. A cup of milk usually contains approximately 80 calories while a banana may contain 100 calories. What happens when you consume banana and milk three times a day is that you get about 900 calories a day. This greatly helps you to get faster weight loss in a very short span of time without much ado.

You shed fats and develop muscles

There is so much protein in milk and these will help develop your muscle mass quite effectively and quickly. Skimmed milk doesn’t contain fats but is rich in calcium an essential mineral for every day diet.

You get stronger bones 

You get calcium from daily uptake of milk and the mineral helps with retention and bone development for enhanced strength.

Proper function of hormones

Calcium which is a mineral that milk contains is great at supporting better functioning of your hormones. Besides, milk is considered a leading healthy food around. 

banana milk diet
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You get better expulsion of toxins from body

Bananas are fiber rich and thus better at enhancing bowel movement for proper waste and toxin expulsion from the body.

The diet helps your body function properly

Bananas contain a wide range of minerals and vitamins but most prominent amongst the minerals is potassium. This mineral enhances your body’s proper functioning for your overall better health.

Keeps fuller for longer

Bananas give you a satiated feeling and thus eliminates your hunger. This comes in handy for you to avoid eating in between your recommended diet intervals thus achieving your weight loss targets.

Will help you get supple skin

Both bananas and milk contain vital minerals and vitamins your body needs and thus provide you a healthy diet. You will get a healthier skin that is supple by eating bananas and drinking milk.

Combination of bananas and milk provides you an excellent diet

When you drink milk and eat bananas in your diet, you get a variety of minerals, vitamins, fibers, and proteins. All these help give you a better health that you need to lead a life that is fulfilling and less of diseases.

Bananas and milk taste great, are cost effective and are healthy

Bananas and milk taste nice and thus would be an excellent diet for you to take on a daily basis. Moreover, they are both natural foods that will not cause any health effects to you even if you feed exclusively on them. They are also cost effective compared to foods like meat or fish.

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  1. I hadn’t heard of this diet before- it doesn’t offer the kind of variety I need in my diet, but I love both bananas and milk in moderation; they are full of good-for-you vitamins and minerals!


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