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One of the best ways you can boost your confidence is by enhancing your look through flawless application of makeup. A proper foundation is what forms the basis of a good makeup yet this is where most people usually fail. When you fail to apply your foundation right, it ends up being cakey thus making your makeup cakey as well.

In this article, we take you through some of the best tips to avoid cakey makeup and cakey foundation.

Make a great foundation that doesn’t look cakey

As was already mentioned earlier in this article, a good foundation determines the outcome of your makeup. When applied perfectly and flawlessly, the foundation helps bring out a good makeup that is appealing.

Always practice a good skin care routine

One of the first steps to avoiding a cakey makeup is always following a proper skin care routine. It is best to use treat your skin by exfoliating it and also applying moisturizer to make it healthy. Chemical exfoliators are recommended as they do not contain harsh microbeads and help to remove all the dead skin cells thus leaving your skin supple and healthy.

If you have dry skin apply primer before applying foundation

If you have the dry skin type you should follow a proper preparation routine before you apply foundation. Remember if you apply foundation on dry skin, it can easily settle on the dry patches thus clinging on your face. For this apply primer first as it helps to open the texture of your skin thus creating a smoother base for foundation application.

Always choose non-cakey foundation

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Once you have followed the above tips to detail, it is now finally the time for you to apply foundation. Always opt for a non-cakey foundation or one that doesn’t require much of layering. When applying the foundation, use a clean sponge to apply in a sort of bouncing-like motion.

The best way to do this is by applying the first layer then adding another coat if need be. Using a makeup sponge helps avoid any friction that may bruise your face thus making it look spotless and smooth.

You can use makeup setting spray

The process of face makeup involves so many steps featuring many beauty products used for foundation, contouring, highlighting and bronzing. If this is not done the right way, your face may end up looking artificial. The best way you can help blend all the makeup you have applied on your face is by using a setting spray. It basically removes the entire residue left on the surface of the skin thus giving you the natural finish.

Use a face oil

One of the major causes of cakey makeup is dry skin and the surest way of dealing with the problem of drying skin is applying face oil. Do this by putting some drops of face oil in the plam of your hands. Blob a sponge into the face oil on the palm of your hand and then press lightly on your face. You can target the patchy areas on your face and this will help to blend your makeup seamlessly on your face. 

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