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If you are a brown eyed babe, are a makeup hoarder, has an upcoming event to get ready for and absolutely unsure how to do your smokey eyes makeup then this article is exactly what you need!


Brown Fun Facts!

a) Did you know that over 50% of the world’s population has brown eyes, especially all the individuals in Africa and Asia?
b)  The further you go towards South, your chances of finding a person with brown eyes increase!



Makeup Tidbits

Since brown is such a dominant and naturally prevalent eye color in the masses, it’s important that we should know how to do the right kind of smokey eyes makeup to enhance the beauty of your eye color.

Eye-shadow Options?

1.   Purple – Purple is without exception the most flattering color for any eye , hair and skin color but it has our stamp of approval because it happens to be in the opposite slot of the color wheel which will make your brown eyes pop!
2.   Blue – It is considered that blue is a difficult shade to pull off. It gives a 70’s-era-vibe which most people do not consider ideal for a daytime look and secondly it is a more spring-summer appropriate color making it a seasonal and less sought after option. But only the most successful makeup artists know that the coolness of blue pairs well with the warmth of brown to balance the look. This color will not only open up your eyes but make the white part of your eyes even brighter!
3.   Silver – Who doesn’t like wearing silver eye shadow ladies? That platinum, shimmery and gun-metal silver hues are perfect for your chocolate brown eyes. The cool silver color fuses with the warmth of brown eyes. But if you have dark
circles and they are not properly concealed then the silver can highlight them.


4.   Green – If you have brown eyes then green should be your favorite color. Since green adds contrast to the brown, it can actually highlight the brown in your eyes.

Purple Smokey Eye Makeup Look

1.   Primer – Add a layer of primer on both the eyelids. A primer helps in the smooth application of the eye-shadow and helps increase their staying power.
2.    Eyebrows – Take an eyebrow kit and with the help of the slanted brush use the brow wax to shape and define your eyebrows. Take the brow powder to fill in the gaps of the brows to give a neat and well-kept look to the face.
3.      Eye-shadow Base – After your eyelids have been primed, take an eye-shadow base and sweep a small amount all over the eyelids up to the brow bone.
4.      Sticky Notes Trick – This step ensures the perfect eye shadow application for all the beginners out there. Take a sticky note and place it from the outer corner of
the eye until the end point of your eyebrows as if an imaginary line joins the two points. This acts as the perfect guideline for your winged eyeliner look as well as the eyeshade application.
5.  Transition Shade – Take a peach/orange shade and using a fluffy crease brush apply it in your crease to add dimension to your eye. Orange is an excellent crease shade that works for all the skin tones.
6.      Depth – Take a clean MAC 217 and sweep a matte light brown shade in the crease in a C shape.
7.      Crease – Using the same brush take a darker matte brown shade and work your way in your crease as well as on the outer portion of the eye creating a winged look.
8.   Dark Purple Eye shades – Now take a dark purple eyeshade and concentrate its application on the outer portion of the eye. Using a blending brush blend all the shades together.
9.   Eyelids– Take a lighter purple shade and press it on the center of the eye.
10.  Eyeliner – Take off the sticky notes and use black liquid eyeliner to trace the wing left behind by the tape. This gives your eyes an elongated look.
11.  Mascara – Apply two coats of mascara for voluminous and lengthened lashes.
I hope these tips will give you the perfect smokey eye look with your brown eyes.

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