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Beauty and health are the major concerns of all the girls! Isn’t it? A beautiful and healthy person attracts everyone around and becomes a source of inspiration. But in today’s busy schedule we seldom get time to get ready perfectly or go for that fully perfect makeup look etc. Thus, today we are here to some quick beauty hacks that are extremely easy to do (in fact even a laziest girl can try) and which you all should also try right now. Here we go:

Beauty hacks for girls

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  • Use your credit/debit card or any other card to give that perfect foolproof eyeshadow line. This will give you that perfect cat eye look.
  • Quickly mix peppermint oil in your lip gloss to give that plumbing effect.
  • Use a white eyeliner to look your eyes wider and prettier. This will also hide your tiredness or hangover.
  • In case if you have bought a darker foundation accidentally then add little bit of moisturizer to make it a lighter one.
  • Also, If your eyeliner is finished and you really want to wear an eyeliner, then you can turn your mascara into an eyeliner. Simply dab our eyeliner brush in the mascara bottle and use it as your eyeliner.
  • If you want to make your lips fuller one then do put light color lip liner on the center of your lips, dab it with your fingers and then put on the lip gloss or the lipstick.
  • If you have limited amount of time or feeling tired or are out of energy, then either spend that time on your eyes or lips. Don’t go for both.
  • If you feel too exhausted or tired at night and don’t feel like washing your face, then keep face wipes ready and handy for that time.
  • If you want your lipstick to last long and stay on the place for the whole day then put a tissue on your lips after applying lipstick on your lips, then put a translucent powder on the tissue.
    Beauty hacks for girls

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  • For hair to look thick simply put on some eye shadow on them and they will look thicker instantly.
  • If you want your hair to stay where they are when you styled them then use hair spray on the bobby pins.
  • If you really don’t have time to wash your hair and your hair feels bad then opt for some hair turban or scarf, this will hide the greasy and waxy hair look.

Girl’s! hope you like our quick beauty hacks! Your comments and suggestions are most welcome.

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