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According to me Eyeshadow is one of the most important things when it comes to face makeup. An eyeshadow can make or break any look regardless of what outfit you are wearing. In true sense the base of any face makeup is the eye makeup and girl! If you want to look your best and carry the best face then you should be very clear about the uses and hacks of an eyeshadow. 
Eyeshadow Hacks that Every Girl Should Know
Image Credit: acceleratetvI most often see the face makeup of most of the girls are spoiled by a wrong application or usage
of an eyeshadow. 
For most of us girls, eyeshadow is a pinch of color on our eyelids. We think eyeshadow
is nothing more then a swipe of color but girls! Trust me, this eyeshadow if used properly can do miracles.
Today I am sharing some amazing ways of using an Eyeshadow that you will love for sure. Here we go:
  • You need to start with a neat and clean base so do use a primer before using an eyeshadow. This will not only make your eyeshadow look more beautiful but will also make your eyeshadow last long.
  • Keeping the order of an eyeshadow shades is one of the most important things so do keep this order in mind and apply the eyeshadow accordingly.
eyeshadow order
Image credit: Marykayintouch
    • If you want to give your eyes a bigger look then smudge your eyeshadow out past the outer corners and flip it just slight up towards the outside of your brows.
    • You might have faced an issue of broken eyeshadow palette. No worries! Simply add little alcohol to the eyeshadow palette and dab it with a piece of cloth and let it dry. Your broken eyeshadow will again become a one-piece eyeshadow palette.

  • If you are getting ready for an evening party and want some shimmery and sparkle look then do opt for shimmer eyeshadow in the inner corners of your eyes. This will give a good highlight and sparkling look to your eyes. You can purchase different color shimmery eyeshadow via Online Shopping which is just a click away.
  • Every girl has some eyeshadows which are super sparkling but are seldom used. If you want to make most out of these eyeshadows then add them to a nail shade and apply on your nails for sparkling and glittery look. Also, if you have some eyeshadows which you seldom use then you can mix them in different nail shades to get a new pretty nail shade. Interesting! Isn’t it? 
  • You can add a bright eyeshadow color in a plain or transparent lip balm to add pretty color to your lips. This will add a new lip color to your makeup kitty.
  • You can make your own eyeliner using an eyeshadow. Use a wet eyeliner brush and mix it with an eyeshadow to make the desired color. this way you can make different and unique eyeshadow colors for yourself. If you do not have different color eyeshadow then go for online shopping and grab your favorite shades and use them partly as an eyeshadow or can mix them partly in a nail shade.
  • Depot your eyeshadows in a one single palette so that these eye shadows are easy to use and carry.
So girls which eyeshadow hack you feel is the most interesting and helpful for you? We would love to hear back from you. Do comment below and let us know your thoughts.

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