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Having a face scar is usually an unsightly spectacle that you will do anything within your power to get rid of. Nonetheless, the prospect of getting rid of those scars from your face can prove frustrating especially when you don’t know how to do it. While you could easily opt for a surgical procedure to have your scars removed, it is usually expensive. Nevertheless, you could easily remove your unsightly face scars at home relying on home remedy only.

In this guide, you are going to learn about home based skin care tips to remove face scars effectively at home without breaking the bank. Read on to find about the tips below:

Clean your face regularly

Cleaning your face on a regular basis is in fact the most effective way to help remove scars from your face. Use a cleanser that contains hydroxyl acid as this helps to enhance cell regeneration on your face. Most of the scars on the face are usually dead skin cells that can easily be washed away to enable new skin cells growth.

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Massage the scars on your face

This is yet another easy and effective way to remove scars on your face naturally. Massaging the scars directly helps to break up scar tissues thus improving blood circulation in your face area. Nevertheless, better blood flow in the face leads to a smoother and perfectly textured face.

You can use skin whitening cream

There are various skin whitening creams you could buy from the cosmetics shops and use on your face. However it is important for you to check that the cream contains organic ingredients that won’t cause you any harm.

Organic extracts such as onion extract have helped people rid their faces of scars in less than 3 months depending on how well they are used.

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Apply banana on the scar

Banana contains certain ingredients that help to improve skin health and minimise skin problems. Applying mashed banana on the scar and then allow it to stay for some minutes then rinse with clean water. If you do this on a regular basis, you will notice that the scars will soon fade away!

Always apply sunscreen on the scarring area on your face

You should make it a habit in your skin care routine to always wear sunscreen before going of the house on a sunny day. Sun exposure on the scarred face only serves to worsen it thus inhibiting your healing process.

You can apply lemon on the face

Lemons are highly rich in bioactive compounds that have antioxidant properties. This can in handy for you if your scars are as a result of ACNE. All you will need is a concerted effort in application for you to realize desired results. Nonetheless, you will have to first cleanse your face with clean but lukewarm water. Once the scarred area is clean, you can then use a soft cloth or cotton wool in lemon juice and apply on the area. Leave it that way for ten minutes and then rinse off.

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