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Identifying your skin type is usually very important before attempting to buy any skin care product to take for use, especially in recent times when so many good skin care brands like JoyViva are available. Some people can end up spending lots of their money buying expensive products that don’t match their skin types, so seeking professional help is always recommended. You want the end result to be a positive outcome for your skin, and to not experience further deterioration of the skin from unfriendly products.

You must be aware of the fact that all products made for the purposes of caring for the skin are manufactured for varied skin types. What then follows is that randomly picking any product for your skin without knowing your skin type could instead bring you harm.

So how do you find out your skin type before choosing the perfect skin product for yourself? To find out this, it is important for you to understand that there are usually four major skin types.

Four major skin types

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  • Normal skin – this skin is neither dry nor oily and will thus not require so much input from you in terms of applying skin products on. All it may need is just the routine cleaning and applying of nourishing creams. The best thing with this skin type is that you can use almost any skin care product that says it is great for any skin type.
  • Oily skin – this skin type is usually easily identified by big and enlarged open pores. It makes the face become quite greasy and shiny within a very short time of your cleaning it. This skin type is characterized by various types of skin issues including pimples, Acne, whiteheads, blackheads, etc.
    For you to effectively deal with an oily skin, you can use cleansers or oil control skin wash products.
  • Dry skin – dry skin usually doesn’t have visible pores like is the case with oily skin but it is rough and dull to touch. It is never elastic and may easily crack, peel off and become itchy. This skin type is also prone to infections like eczema, inflammations, scalp buildup, redness or psoriasis. You may experience wrinkles too early in your life with this skin type if you fail to care for it like you should.
    You can deal with dry skin by applying skin moisturizing products either topically or ingestible capsules.
  • Combination skin – you could also have a skin type that is a mix two skin types. There are some people who will have the nose, forehead and chin getting oily while the rest of the face remains clear. This skin type is characterized by blackheads and enlarged pores. 

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For this skin type, you can use any product your dermatologist suggests for you which could be between normal and oily skin.

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Easily identify your skin type like this

  1. Wash you face with a cleanser before going to bed
  2. Don’t use makeup or any other cosmetic on your face
  3. Proceed to sleep well
  4. Get up the next morning and dab your face with a serviette or tissue paper

Just pay attention to what you see. If there is too much grease on the tissue, it means your skin is oily. Should you observe some form of rigidness of your skin or flakes on the tissue then your skin is dry. For normal skin, you will find the tissue remaining perfectly good without any oil or flakes. 

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