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Scalp build up should be removed as much as possible from the hair as it poses quite some risks to your hair and skin. Dirt accumulation on the scalp is often caused due to a number of reasons. Sebum build up on scalp is just one of the ways that dirt builds up underneath the hair. 

The way that you care for your scalp greatly matters because the right care may help you prevent certain types of hair loss thus giving you having healthy hair.

Find out below some of the proven best ways to remove scalp buildup in hair according to dermatologists:

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Always cleanse your hair

Cleansing your hair regularly is the best way for you to minimize the buildup of scalp on your hair. Moreover, it is one sure way of scalp buildup removal from the hair. Buildup of scalp is basically just the accumulation of any kind of impurity which could be dead skin cells, flakes, or plaque.

Fortunately, removal of buildup on the scalp can easily be eliminated simply by performing cleansing the right way. However, always cleanse your hair in accordance with your hair type to avoid causing damage to it.

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Perform physical exfoliation of the scalp

Removal of scalp gunk is best done through exfoliation of the scalp just the same way you exfoliate skin on the face. Performing exfoliation on the scalp helps rid it of buildup that may cause issues like dandruff.

You can use a soft hair brush when applying hair shampoo to gently physically exfoliate any buildup off the scalp. Even without a brush, your fingers can still come in handy as you can use them to massage shampoo gently on the scalp.

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Apply clarifying shampoo

Most hair care products are made to bind to your hair to make it look good and healthier. Unfortunately, these same products usually leave residue on the skin beneath your hair which in turn causes buildup. Now, when this occurs, your regular shampoo might not effectively help clear the buildup.

This is where clarifying shampoo comes in to help clear your scalp of buildup occasioned by hair products used on it. However, it is best to first rinse your hair with clean but warm water before using clarifying shampoo on it. Warm water helps to loosen dirt and debris on the hair thus making it easy to cleanse the hair.

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Take stock of the hair products you are using

There are certain hair products that exacerbate build-up on the scalp and thus should be avoided. Most hair styling products intended to protect hair from heat do contain silicone as it coats the hair. While it may work best at coating hair from heat, it usually builds up on the scalp leading to unhealthy hair.

You should therefore make it a habit to check the ingredients used to manufacture your hair products before actually applying them.

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You can opt for scalp treatment

There is also a more relaxing approach to dealing with your scalp build up issue, scalp treatment. You can visit a professional spa shop and have your hair get the perfect scalp build up removal.

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