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What’s is Skin Sagging?

Sagging skin is unsightly and especially if it’s the skin on your face that is affected. Fortunately, there are various ways and numerous beauty products such as  Beverly Hills MD products that you could use to help tighten the skin on your face to look younger. However, to get the most out of the tips that you will learn from this article, there are certain things you may need to learn.

You will first have to find out what really causes sagging of skin particularly on the face and how it could be avoided.

Some confirmed causes of face skin sagging

  • Natural aging process – as you age, your skin begins to lose collagen and elastin which are two vital supportive connective tissues that make your skin to be elastic. Face muscles also begin to weaken with age thus causing sagging.
  • Sun exposure – exposure to the sun is yet another way that the skin loses elasticity. The sun has powerful UV rays that damage the skin cells thus causing them to age faster.
  • Weight loss by losing weight rapidly over a short period of time, your will experience skin sagging that will also affect your face.
  • Sedentary lifestyle – not exercising and leading a sedentary lifestyle may lead to sagging of the skin on your face. Regular exercise helps tone and strengthens muscles supporting the skin.
  • Poor diet – it goes without saying that you are what you eat and in this one too, eating healthy foods helps nourish your skin and muscles for a healthy you. 

10 tips to tighten face skin naturally

  1. Using the papaya and rice flour face pack – Papaya contains Vitamin C that helps boost collagen production and also promotes the elasticity and firmness of the skin. This is why you find most skin care products containing Vitamin C serum.

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4 Amazing Herbal Face Packs for Glowing Skin

papaya face facial
  1. Apple cider vinegar – This one helps combat skin aging process and also eliminates spots and freckles because it contains sulfur. Most skin tag removal processes usually include this ingredient.
apple cider vinegar
  1. Lemon and olive oil face pack – Lemon contains a rich source of Vitamin C and is thus a great ingredient for use against cystic acne. Use this concoction to help tighten your face skin.
  1. Aloe vera – This herb is highly beneficial in medical matters for its great medicinal properties. Aloe Vera gel contains malic acid that helps to improve skin elasticity of the face and thus reduces sagging.
aloe vera gel
  1. Regular exercises – Most women grapple with skin sagging when they experience substantial weight loss. In these scenarios performing physical activity may help tighten the skin by boosting muscle tone. Another benefit of exercise is the stimulation of the production of connective tissue growth.
  1. Avoid too much exposure to the sun – Too much exposure to the sun comes with various setbacks on your skin health, one being hyperpigmentation.  You can protect yourself from dangerous sun UV rays by applying sunscreen lotions such as calamine.
  1. Avoid cigarettes – Smoking affects the growth and development of skin cells and also inhibits the manufacture of collagen. 
  2. Fuller’s and milk face pack – Fuller’s earth helps to improve skin’s elasticity and also tightens the skin. Another benefit is that is removes excessive oil from the skin and enhances blood flow in the face. When mixed with milk, you get long term benefit of skin tightening thanks to calcium, selenium, alpha hydroxy-acids and Vitamin D.
  3. Egg white and gram flour – Eggs white as an ingredient works best to tighten skin when applied topically. Gram flour also helps tighten saggy skin but also cleanses the skin deeply.
  4. Do facial massage – Another excellent way to firm your facial skin is doing massage on it as this help boost blood circulation in your face and also boosts the muscles there.

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Bottom Line

Skin sagging is unsightly but by finding out the causes and taking due care of your skin you will be able to tighten your skin naturally. The above mentioned tips are quite helpful to achieve a younger looking skin and tighten your skin naturally. Remember “a healthy skin” is always a key to look younger and beautiful.

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