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You may be suffering from the problem of your hair thinning yet there are so many products in the market promising excellent results. Unfortunately, not all of these products will actually give you the desired results they are claiming to offer. However, the answer lies in the type of foods that have been tested and proven to support healthy hair growth.

Hair thinning

In this article, you are going to find out more about the 10 healthy foods that help to prevent hair thinning. Nonetheless, your problem of hair loss could also be caused as a result of using unhealthy hair products including synthetic dyes, shampoos or hair conditioners. This is why you should at all times avoid using unapproved hair products that hamper your healthy hair growth.

That said let’s now delve right into 10 healthy foods that will help prevent your hair thinning after covid thus giving you thick hair that you desire:


Salmon is highly rich in Omega 3 fatty acids that help to nourish the scalp and also helps to alleviate inflammation that serves as a trigger to hair loss. For you to reap the full benefits of this nutrient, it is advisable for you to eat at least two portions of the fish per week.

The other fish sources of this nutrient include mackerel, sardines, and fresh tuna. You could source the nutrient from these other fishes if you don’t like eating salmon.


In women, iron deficiency is the major cause of hair loss and that’s why it is best for you to eat foods rich in minerals. Liver is rich in Vitamin A as well as proteins which can greatly help in your recovery against iron deficiency. Nonetheless, if you are a vegetarian you could still find great sources of minerals in foods such as leafy green veggies, lentils, and pulses too.



Almonds are rich in the mineral Vitamin E which is very beneficial to your hair health. The vitamin helps to alleviate scalp inflammation thus promoting hair growth giving you thicker hair. To help you prevent the problem of hair loss after covid, make it a habit to eat almonds every week.


Meeting your daily dietary requirement for protein can quite be challenging especially if you are a vegetarian. However, there are great alternative sources of proteins for the vegans that include lentils, tofu, cheese, milk and eggs.  Proteins help to support healthy hair growth that will reflect on your thick hair.

Sweet potatoes

sweet potato

Sweet potatoes contain beta-carotene that is easily converted to vitamin A in the body. Vitamin A is important for the hydration of the hair thus guaranteeing perfectly a hydrated scalp. You gain more hair growth with a perfectly hydrated scalp.

Brazil nuts

Selenium is a trace element that has got strong antioxidant properties. Interestingly, this wonderful trace element mineral it is found in Brazil nuts. Nonetheless, the trace element mineral helps to support hair growth and scalp health.


Oysters are a rich source of zinc which is an important micronutrient for thick hair growth. Moreover, the lack of zinc in the body is usually associated with unprecedented hair loss.



Spinach contains lots of nutrients that are highly beneficial to your hair’s health. Some of the nutrients include Vitamin C, Vitamin E, iron and beta-carotene. All these amazing nutrients support healthy hair growth.

Red Peppers

If you have heard about tyrosine and its massive health benefits to your hair then you’d consider including red pepper. It is rich in Vitamin C that helps the body produce the amino acid tyrosine.



Eggs will help give you shiny healthy and strong hair because most of what your hair is made of is protein. Eggs are rich in hair health beneficial proteins that support thick hair growth. 

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