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Belly fat accumulation is a common phenomenon in some women during and after pregnancy. Several reasons can be attributed to general belly fat concentration during and after pregnancy. One of the prominent reasons however is directly linked to the extra food consumed during a pregnancy by the mother. Much of that food is stored in the belly in the form of fats that must be burned to achieve a leaner belly.

This article shows you some 10 simple and easy tips new mothers can follow to shed belly fat after pregnancy.

Breastfeed your baby

Breastfeeding is one sure way of boosting the immunity of your little baby but also helps you lose belly fat. As the baby breastfeeds, shrinkage of the uterus is accelerated thus reducing the excessive fats on the belly.

You can just walk around

Walking is an easy exercise that you can perform on a daily basis but is very effective at burning fats in the body. You can make it a routine to set time daily maybe in the mornings or evening to walk in a bid to cut your belly fat.

Eating well and healthy

Your diet after a delivery can make or break your resolve to achieve a lean belly. It is advisable for you to include leafy green vegetables and lean proteins in your diet. Also ensure that you drink sufficient amounts of clean water to help detox your body.

Perform workouts

Sparing some of your 20-30 minutes daily and performing cardio and strength training will immensely help reduce your belly fat post pregnancy. You can do this when your baby is asleep or you could leave the baby with a nanny.

Get some rest

Insufficient sleep usually causes toxin build-up in the body which exacerbates inflammation.  When your body finds itself in a prolonged state of inflammation, the fat receptors may move to abdominal region. This causes fat buildup in the belly.

Avoid extreme dieting habits

As a new mother struggling with weight issues, you may end getting tempted to starve as a way of burning fat. Unfortunately, this could be counterproductive for you as it may only just lead to more fat build up in the belly.

Practice meditation

Having a newborn may present you with enormous responsibilities that may impact your normal lifestyle. You could meditate as way for you to relive stress and tension for the betterment of your general health and weight loss

Use belly wraps

Just like the total body wraps that are used for body weight loss, belly wraps help to reduce belly fats. These work by pushing back your belly abs thus accelerating the process of uterus shrinkage to original size.

Perform full body massage

Massaging is also another great way to burn belly fat after baby delivery yet it doesn’t involve physical activity. Ensure that the massage directly targets your belly as this will help reduce your belly fat significantly.

Bicycle crunches

Practicing bicycle crunches helps you build muscles in your abdominal region thus you achieve a flatter tummy. Belly fat is burned in the process of performing these exercises leaving you with a lean belly. 

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