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Are you keen on enjoying some nice and sound sleep after a long and tiring work day? Well, sipping on a cup of lemon ginger tea on a regular basis helps improve your sleep tremendously. Besides better sleep, you also stand to achieve an overall better health such as relaxed mind and body by drinking lemon ginger tea.

Let us now find some of the 10 amazing health benefits of lemon ginger tea:

  1. Helps clear nasal congestion

Sleeping with a blocked nose can prove to be such a nuisance to you. Fortunately, the tea tree from which tea leaves is derived has got magical medicinal properties. You can simply prepare a steam from your infusion and inhale it. This helps clear any congestion in your nasal cavity thus allowing you to breathe properly. The infusion could either be derived from herbal tea or green tea.

  1. Boosting energy levels and immune system

Bubble tea for instance has got so many health benefits that you can’t ignore. Also sometimes referred to as pearl milk tea, bubble tea will help boost your energy levels and also enhance your immunity against common diseases.

  1. Effective against indigestion

Lemon-ginger tea can offer you great relief against bloating or indigestion. Both lemon and ginger contain substances that help to boost digestion in your stomach thus providing smooth movement food in your intestines. You can have it served to you in ice tea form or even hot whatever your choice.

  1. Helps alleviate sore throat

If you are struggling with sore throat and the inconvenience that comes with mucus build up, consider lemon ginger tea. To get your throat treated it is best served hot as this will quickly help you relieve the pain in your throat.

  1. Anti-inflammation properties 

Lemon ginger tea is made using lemon and ginger and both plants have got anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Drinking chai on a regular basis will help you wade of common chronic inflammation disease such as cancer or Alzheimer’s disease.

  1. Helps relieve nausea

Ginger helps to reduce nausea, so, if during your pregnancy you experience feelings of nausea drinking some ginger lemon tea will help you.

  1. Boost your memory and heart function

A number of scientific studies have shown that ginger help to improve cognitive function and also influences memory as well as the thought process. Make it a habit to drink lemon ginger tea regularly to keep your brain and heart healthy.

  1. Boost your focus

Lemon ginger tea will help refresh you after a long day of work thanks to the antioxidants that exists in both ginger and lemon.

  1. Will help keep you hydrated

By just drinking tea or chai as it is also referred to, you are effectively taking in water and this helps keep you hydrated. Your body needs water for the proper functioning of your organs, therefore if you take more water in form of chai, better do so!

  1. Provides relief against constipation

Constipation troubles many people due to a lack of sufficient fiber in their diet or due to insufficient water in their bodies. Sipping your lemon ginger tea will help you keep hydrated for optimal bowel movement thus relief against constipation.

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