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Organic tea is said to be one of the healthiest beverage on this planet. It is rightly said that “health benefits of green tea are such that we should have started drinking it long ago”.
Green tea is full of antioxidants and nutrients that have wonderful and extremely positive effects on our body. Green tea antioxidants are 15-25 times stronger than Vitamins such as Vitamin C and Vitamin E.

Here are the 10 Proven Health Benefits that Organic Green Tea Offers:
  1. Green tea is full of Bio-active Compounds that improve health: It is loaded with nutrients such as polyphenols such as Catechins, EGCG etc. that are powerful antioxidants.
  2. Green Tea helps in fat burning and thus help in physical activity which has been proven in numerous separate studies.
  3. Presence of antioxidants in green tea may lower the cancer risk in our body. Antioxidants present in organic green tea helps in preventing cancers like breast cancer, colorectal cancer, prostate cancer etc.
  4. Organic Green tea acts your brain protector in old age and lowers the risk of various diseases like Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s disease.
  5. Organic Green Tea protects your dental health by killing harmful bacteria and also lowers the risk of infection.
  6. Organic Green Tea also reduces risk of Cardiovascular diseases such as high cholesterol.
  7. It helps in losing weight and staying fit and preventing possibility and risk of becoming obese.
  8. Organic Green tea improves the function of your brain thus makes you smarter.
  9. It reduces stress and also prevents flu.
  10. Organic green tea helps in the living a long and healthier life thus reduces your risk of dying.
Note: Make sure you don’t add milk to organic green tea as it may lower the amount of antioxidants present in the tea.
Final words:
There are many options available in market such as green tea powder, green tea dry leaves etc and all of them are equally healthy. For instance Lipton Green Tea is one of my favorite brand as Lipton green tea price is very reasonable and it taste is good as well. If you want to try and buy organic green tea or buy Lipton green tea then
simply go to nearby market or purchase organic green tea online  or you can purchase Lipton green tea online as well . As we already said that Organic Green Tea is one of the healthiest drink on this planet and organic green tea price is also quite affordable so why not use this boon of the nature?
It will surely help you in long run.
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  1. I have a cup of green tea every morning. It makes me feel so refreshed!
    I didn’t know it helped with dental health. I learnt something new today.<3


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