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Losing weight in seven days is not an easy feat and thus requires you to follow a healthy meal plan for weight loss. You will also have to incorporate plenty of physical activity in your daily routine and keep stress at bay.

There are so many things you must do to achieve the seven-day weight loss plan.

Follow this detailed guide and diet plan featuring a list of foods that will help you to lose weight in 7 days:

Day one

Breakfast – breakfast is very important and you should never skip if you wish to find the fastest way to lose weight. Prepare scrambled egg with spinach and tomato.

Lunch – eat tuna with salad and lettuce, add cucumber and tomato. Don’t forget, lunch is also not to be skipped.

Dinner – prepare bean chili with cauliflower rice.

Day two

Breakfast – take milk and include oatmeal with blueberries in the mix. Milk will provide you with the much needed minerals while oatmeal offers carbs needed for energy.

Lunch – in your second day why not take hummus and vegetable wrap for your lunch? From these foods you will get all the vital minerals and vitamins but steer clear of fats.

Dinner – For dinner you can have salmon in sesame with purple sprouting broccoli as well as potato mash.

Day three

Breakfast – take mashed avocado with fried egg which could go well on a slice of rye toast. This healthy breakfast will keep you feeling full longer.

Lunch – Lunch on your third day could include toasted almonds with broccoli quinoa. This lunch is simple yet helps you avoid unhealthy carbs.

Dinner – to supplement your avoidance of proteins during lunch eat chicken stir fry and noodles.

meal plan for losing weight
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Day four

Breakfast – by day four you will have firmly immersed yourself in your weight loss endeavor and thus going for smoothie made with protein powder, oat milk and berries would serve you best. 

Lunch – For lunch you can serve yourself with chicken salad, lettuce and corn. 

Dinner – Have roasted Mediterranean veggies, tahini dressing and puy lentils. Snacks can also come in handy here as well and so go for whole grain rice cake with nut butter.

Day five

Breakfast – day five into this program and you can take buckwheat pancakes with raspberries and escort with Greek yoghurt 

Lunch – your lunch on the fifth day should be rich in vegetable and thus find vegetable soup with at least 2 oatcakes

Dinner – your dinner can be some tacos fish with slaw.

Day six

Breakfast – have a fruit rich breakfast in your sixth day by eating apples. 

Lunch – Your lunch on the sixth day can be minted pea and feta omelet.

Dinner – dinner on the sixth day can be simple great for your weight loss plan so you can take cocoa protein ball.

Day seven

Breakfast – finish off this endeavor by having muffins and eggs for breakfast with vegetables.

Lunch – lunch doesn’t have to be so demanding for you and so you can simply have crispy tofu bowl.

Dinner – Wrap up the plan of the week by having lentil Bolognese with zucchini noddles.

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