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Silicone products have continued to increase in popularity in today’s market. From silicone kitchenware to custom silicone molds, The biggest reason is the high risk of using plastic items as silicone is the best alternative. Silicone is a kind of rubber that contains silicon, oxygen, carbon and hydrogen compounds. Silicone products are flexible, durable and highly resistant to high temperatures. Read on to find out about Silicone products that will transform your life.

  • Silicone Wedding Rings
    These rings are beautiful and unique. And they are available in different colours and styles. Hence you can easily find the best silicone rings that fit your taste budget. Silicone rings help to keep your fingers safe when working with machinery, swimming or in the gym. Silicone rings are affordable and durable. It is easy to clean them, and they’re comfortable to wear.
  • Reusable Food Bags
    These are the best reusable food bags you can buy. They’re perfect alternative options for plastic bags. Avoid using plastic bags and start using these reusable and eco-friendly food bags. The reusable bags can be used for a long time, unlike plastic bags for one-time use. These reusable food bags are used to store cereals or snacks. They came in different sizes, shapes and colours. They’re freezer, dishwasher and microwave safe. They can be boiled and also put in the toaster if you like. These food bags never stain or leak even after washing them over and over. You can use silicone bags to:
     Store leftovers
     Marinating
     Make a lunch to-go
     Store cereals or snacks
     Freezing meals
  • Pot Holders
    These post holders are used in different ways. They can be used to open jars or to remove hot pot lids. They protect the hands from the scorching cast iron handle or microwave dish. You can use them as a hot spoon holder. Also, they protect your hands from heat, spills and burns. Silicone pot holders are flexible yet durable. You can wash the pot holders in the dishwasher, with running water or in the waster-dryer; hence they are more manageable than other potholders. They’re high-quality and long-lasting. These holders are high heat resistance, waterproof and stain resistant.
  • Toothbrush/ Utensil Holder

Silicone holders have a strong bearing capacity and can’t damage the wall. Hence perfect for glass, metal and smooth surfaces. They’re waterproof and wear-resistant. They’ve got a hole at the bottom to prevent water from staying inside to keep it dry. Place it beside the mirror, fridge or the wall.

silicone pet utensil
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  • Night Light
    The night light is suitable for kids. They help to comfort your children to fall asleep during bedtime. They’re cute and come in different shapes, which are kid-friendly, and most likely, they will want to play with them. It’s one of the silicone items that doubles up as a toy and a decoration. It has an automatic timer that goes off to preserve the battery charge. It has an easy-to-use remote control. It’s also rechargeable via a USB port. It can change into different colours so you can set a different colour a night. Lastly, they are perfect gifts for new parents and kids.

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