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10 Types of Super Easy ‘2 Minute Hairstyles’ for Girls

As a girl you obviously find it confusing to decide on easy and quick hairstyle to put especially when going to school. To make matters worse is the fact that most schools have rules governing hairstyles for girls that they to adhere to. In this article piece, we have created for you some quick and easy hairstyles that you can put up super-fast just in 2 minutes. The best thing about the hairstyles that we are going to show you below is that they are perfect for schooling and you can also wear them when going to other occasions such as birthday parties or friends get together parties.

  1. The Easy Half-Up Bun Hairstyle
Half-Up Bun Hairstyle

It is one of the easiest quick do hairstyle for girls out there who want their hair to look gorgeous but don’t want to spend hours making it. And the best thing with this hairstyle is that it can be done even on damp hair when you are just straight out of the shower. To do it perfectly, you will have to split your hair in half from ear to ear and then twist the upper half into a bun. To help keep the bun in place, you can secure it with bobby pins allowing the rest of your hair to hang loose. If you want to achieve some extra volume of your hair, spray the roots with a texturizing spray.

  1. The Top Knot

Making the top knot hairstyle for a girl is quite easy as you will just have to comb the girl’s hair back neatly and then make a tight ponytail. You can then just need to secure it tightly with a hair band. You can divide the ponytail into two sections and apply either gel or mousse to help make it smoother. Take a section of hair in each hand and twist them down together until the ends. You will then hold the twisted hair and then wrap it around the girl’s hair tie in a clockwise direction. The last thing to do is secure it tightly with bobby pins.

  1. The braided twist

It is so easy to do yet the result is just so amazing and will make your girl look amazingly beautiful.

  1. The side braid
The side braid

The side braid is yet another easy hairstyle that will take minimal time to create for your girl’s hair. It is perfect for girls with long hair who can have their long hair just swiped over in a braid.

  1. The crossover low ponytail

This particular pony is casual but elegant and is so easy to create in just two minutes of time. It involves parting the hair right in the middle but leaving two pieces sectioned off at the front. It is then finished off by securing the rest of the hair in a low pony.

  1. The twisted Pigtails
pigtails twisted

This one involves a twist on a classic which looks so adorable and is also easy to do in just under two minutes.

  1. The waterfall braid

It is one of the easiest braids to do and it is professionally looking thus perfect for a day in the classroom.

  1. Space buns

The space bun is easy to create and lets the girl look so fabulous thus ideal for going out on a party or family get together.

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