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It can be a bit challenging sometimes to find time for a good hairstyle if your work demands more time. Please don’t let it be an excuse for your hair looking chubby most times. There are numerous hairstyles that you can make on your own that are simple and require less time. So, forget about bad hair days. Go through these ten most effortless and gorgeous DIY hairstyles for women that will uplift your look.

1. Messy Bun

Messy bun hair style
Image credit: Hairstyle on point

Is casual look your style? Well, a messy bun is a perfect style for you. But, this doesn’t mean you can’t wear it as an official look. Making of this hairstyle only takes a few minutes, and you’re good.

2. Half-up Half-down

Half-up-half-down is the deal for a relaxed and easy hairstyle to rock your look. Divide your hair into two sections; front and back. Then hold the front part with pins or elastics. Leave the back section free.

3. Head Wrap

On those days when you’re running late or have no idea what style to do your hair, a head wrap will do. You must pick a head wrap that complements the color of your outfits, which will avoid the crushing of colors that aren’t cool. For head wrap to come beautiful, a wider fabric is vital. Try it today as your new hairstyle.

4. Top knot

Top knot
Image credit: Elle

The top knot style outlines your face perfectly. This style is best for those who prefer to highlight their hair, not the face. Hold all your hair up. Smooth your edges with a gel: To ensure that you hold all the hair. Roll the tail of your hair in a round form to create a knot.

5. Short Twists

Short Twists
Image credit: Ecemella

Are you growing out your hair or have short hair? A short twist is a perfect hairdo to try out. The twists are done with your natural hair. Short twist gives you a cool look yet affordable. Additionally, it’s one of the protective hairstyles that will help your hair growth. Also, it aids in reducing hair breakage and friction. Short twists have a low maintenance cost.

6. Ponytail

You only need to blow dry your hair and then hold it where you want to have the ponytail. If your hair isn’t long, you can decide to attach a ponytail extension. The hairstyle can last almost two weeks if you cover up your hair when sleeping.

7. Short Afro

Short Afro hairstyle
Image credit: Bijoux hair

The short afro is one of natural curl lovers’ most fabulous short hairstyles. It has a low maintenance cost and is easy to do. A short afro shows off the volume of your hair and its texture. You only need to wash your hair and apply some hair food to keep your hair fresh and shining.

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8. Messy Both with Bangs

Curly hairstyles look good on people who have a prominent forehead. The style helps you draw attention from your forehead to other parts of your face, like the cheeks or the eyes.

9. Fade Haircuts

fade haircut
Image credit: Good Housekeeping

A fade haircut is cutting hair on the sides and back of your head. The haircuts are short down the ears and neckline and longer on top. The style is mainly known as men’s hairstyle but, this does mean a woman can’t do it.

10. A-line Lob

A line lob hairstyle
Image credit: Southern Living

A-line lob is one of the most versatile hair cutting styles. Hold your hair in a ponytail. Then divide your hair into two sections at the front. Go for the hair length you desire. Even your hair with a pair of scissors. The haircut is perfect for women with oval, long or heart-shaped faces.

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