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Sari is a signature symbol of our country ‘India’ and its one of the most famous thing about our country. I love wearing sari due the charm and beauty it gives to our look. In short, by wearing sari, we can glam up our look very easily as wearing sari is not always boring and traditional. We can give a glamorous look to it by wearing complementary accessories and right hair style.

Five Hairstyles To Complement Your Sari
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Sari comes in different varieties and looks good on almost every type of body. Be it skinny, broad, curvy, heavy or frail. I feel it’s a best friend of all age groups.
Girls and ladies always want to look at their best at all the occasions but most of the times they feel very confused about what to wear and which hairstyle to complement with the same. The situation gets worse when it comes to sari and our confusion only deepens with the same (at least it’s the case with me) 
But wait! Situation isn’t this much complicated as it seems to be at the first instance. Actually almost every hairstyle goes well with a sari and it’s just you have to find out the hairstyle which flaunts the best side of yours. In this fashion and beauty blog I have come up with some hairstyle which are easy and quick to make and which complement the sari very well.
So without wasting further time, let us start with the same.


High Bun



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This is one of the best hairstyles to flaunt with the sari. Simply brush your hair and then pull back them into a high ponytail. Then roll your pony into a bun by pinning it high tightly at the back. With this high bun, your shoulder and neck will be easily visible which will make you look glamorous.

Wavy Hair
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This is another and one of the simplest hairstyles that can be easily worn with sari. In case you want to try your hands on with this hairstyle then you need to go for a layered hair cut and maintain natural waves. Curling irons are one of the best ways to curl your hair. In addition to this, you can get a bouncy wavy look by using a blow dryer.

Layered Volumized Hair-do

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By seeing the picture you can see and guess that this is one of the simplest hairstyle which any girl can opt for with a sari.
You simple need to comb your hair and then create a middle parting then let your hair fall in the front. This hairstyle is one of the best natural hair style that can be worn with a sari.

Puffed Ponytail

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This is one of my favourite hairstyle which I wear most of the times and I am sure that you will be going to love this hairstyle if you wear it with a sari. This is indeed one of the best hairstyles which anyone can wear with a sari. So how to get it?
Its quite simple! Do parting of your hair on one side and back comb your hair from the crown area to form a gorgeous puffy look, then put it tightly from the back. Take the remaining portion of your hair and tie it as a ponytail.
For best results opt for a no high and no low look by tying your hair in middle.

Puffed Classic Bun

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Here comes the fifth one which is a puffed classic bun. You all must agree that this hairstyle looks best at formal events like weddings and parties etc. To get this look, simple take your hair from the crown area and do a back combing in order to give your hair a puffy look, now gently pull your hair back from the front and take it to the back area. You are ready to go.
These five hairstyles which I have shared are some of the hairstyles that go well with the sari and if we explore much then it will not be a wonder if we get plethora of hairstyles which complement the sari well. You need to choose the hairstyle according to your face, built and size etc. Also remember, it’s your confidence which makes to look at your best at every occasion so never ever compromise with that irrespective of what you are wearing. 


Good bye for now girls! Will catch you soon.. 🙂 🙂

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