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These days fruit cakes are often mentioned at the holidays but usually only in a little belittling tone. The heavy, alcohol soaked, fruits and nuts filled cake that was once considered as a holiday staple is now a laughingstock of the session. But, it was not always the way. There was a time when fruit cake was not considered as the seasonal treat only, rather it was served throughout the year. Now, it’s time to know the interesting facts about rich and delicious fruit cakes-

  1. Fruit cake has been around for a very long span of time:

Saying forever may be a bit of a stretch but no one really knows that when it was first made or who made it. The fruit cakes is dense and fully packed with the high amount of calories so there’s no harm in presuming the fact these cakes were highly liked by our hunting loving ancestors. It has always been the crucial part of our culinary history.

  1. Fruit cakes last for a very long time:

Among the huge variations of cakes, this is the only type of cake that comes with the alcohol preservatives and this is the exact reason behind having a long shelf life of this cake.

  1. Fruit Cakes Are Like Fine Wine In The World Of Cakes:

These cakes get better with the age. Always remember one thing that fresh fruitcake needs to sit and ripen for at least a month a before you are going to eat this cake. Unlike the other cakes, this cake only gets better with the course of time.

  1. The Only Cake That Can Be Resurrected:

Even the fruit cake may get stale if you store it for a very long time or if it is not stored in a right manner. You can easily resurrect the fruit cake by steaming it and it will bring the old flavor and moisture back.

  1. Fruit Cakes Are Life-Saver:

One of the vital reasons fruit cakes were highly treasured through the history of dessert because they were the efficient way to preserve fruits for a long journeys and bitter winter time.

  1. Fruit Cakes Can Tell You About The Future:

If you are a female and happen to be a single one, sleep with a piece of fruit cake under your pillow after a wedding party and you will come to see your future husband in your dream. Yes, fruit cake has this psychic element.

  1. Fruit Cake Is More Than Just Fruity:

Not only the red and green colorful fruits that are used in a fruit cake, rather nuts, raising and some other ingredients are also used for making the fruit cake. This cake must be soaked in the alcohol like brandy or rum.

  1. Fruit Cake Is A Good Luck Charm:

There was a time nut growers used to bake fruit cakes at the end of the each growing session and then until the end of the next growing session before consuming them. The basic objective behind following this particular habit is to ensure good luck and lucky charm during growing season.

Yeah, now you might have gotten to know some of the very fascinating thoughts about rich fruit cakes. It’s time to give a nice fruit cake surprise to your loved one.

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