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These 10 tasty and easy recipes will help you get started with a healthier lifestyle. Healthy eating is one of the best things one enjoys. It has a great advantage to both your body and lifestyle. So let’s begin with the recipes:

  1. Spiced sweet potato and carrot soup – 197 calories per portion 
spiced sweet potato and carrot juice

Image credit: mumsnet

Sweet potatoes and carrots soup that is spiced and whizzed until it gets smooth. It can also be reused for your lunches.

  1. one-pot vegetable spaghetti – 321 calories per portion 

Made in just one pot, this dish has low calories and so there is less washing up. As it cooks, add the vegetables to the pasta. Use less water, and add a flavour to it in order to make its own sauce.

  1. Spinach lentil and sweet potato curry – 344 calories per portion 
Spinach lentil and sweet potato curry

Image credit: Kitchencanny

Simple, spicy and very nourishing curry with very low in calories. This recipe serves up to four people and calorie count is 976 calories in total.

  1. Vegetable biryani with cauliflower and chickpeas-310 calories per portion 

Packed with vegetables, the microwave rice is added and spices as they cook. This recipe is a one-pot meal and any leftovers kept overnight maybe be served the next day. Using a sealed container this dish can be packed for lunch.

Vegetable biryani with cauliflower and chickpeas

Image credit: Maison cupcake

  1. Parsnip, carrot and lentil soup – 174 calories per portion 

A Scottish style soup that is traditionally made. Prepared using root vegetables and lentils. It is wonderfully thick for a satisfying meal that won’t add on your weight. It is also kind to your weekly budget. During the winter days, a thick winter soup spiced with cumin and coriander will bring you warmth, and comfort.

  1. Roasted black bean taco salad – 451 calories per portion 
Roasted black bean taco salad

Image credit: Veggie Inspired

The roasted black bean taco salad is hearty and full of flavour, with a high content of protein from the ripe avocado fats, and creamy black beans. This salad is finished off with a lime dressing of avocado. For dressing, add the fresh cilantro to a mini food processor, along with the garlic. Blitz well until finely chopped. Add the lime juice and half an avocado, and blitz again until smooth.

  1. Spaghetti with lentil Bolognese – 428 calories per portion 
Spaghetti with lentil Bolognese

Image credit: weheartit

A delicious, healthy meal that is loaded with vegetables and mushrooms, it is prepared in less than 30 minutes! It’s a soy-free and a nut-free recipe. Bolognese is one of the favourite sauces for pasta and it’s a simple meal.

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  1. Style vegetarian noodles with miso – 306 calories per portion 

A Japanese style noodle flavoured with green tea, miso and spices. Instead of chicken, the protein content comes from Quorn pieces. This dish is suitable for vegetarian diets and is low in fat.

  1. Teriyaki mushroom egg fried rice – 447 calories per portion 
Teriyaki mushroom egg fried rice

Image credit: Purewow

A special low-calorie dish prepared from Fresh mushrooms. They are cooked in a simple teriyaki sauce and served with pak choi and egg fried rice.

  1. Minted pea and vegetable frittata- 200 calories per portion 

It is a simple, healthy and low in calories recipe. A fat omelette with airs and graces. It is packed with vegetables and makes a quick and satisfying meal. Served with a green salad, dressed with a drizzle of lime or lemon juice or bulk the meal out along with potatoes and vegetables.

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