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What is Canola Oil

Canola is an oilseed plant that was created in Canada by way of crossbreeding of the rapeseed plant. Since it was created, breeders of plants have went ahead and created several varieties giving rise to its seed quality. Today, thanks to many health benefits that the oil seed provides, there is a boom its manufacturing.

The oil is commonly used in the kitchen to prepare various dishes but also recently got uses in skin care. Expeller pressed canola oil is derived from the canola seeds and then used for various purposes. The oil is rich in various health beneficial nutrients that provide the skin with the right nourishment to be healthy.

Canola is not the first cooking oil to be used in skin care but is just one of the many oils including olive oil, jojoba, and coconut oil being used to care for the skin. Canola oil is rich in fatty acids that ensure your skin is moisturized thus leaving it supple. 

Canola oil skin benefits

canola oil for skin

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There are so many health benefits that the canola seed oil provides to the skin. Below are some of the benefits of the oil to the skin:

  • It provides antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and anti-wrinkle properties

Canola oil is derived from a crossbreed of the rapeseed plant to make it edible. Rapeseed oil has been found to help the skin retain moisture thus ensuring that it remains moisturized.

It also contains vitamin E which is scientifically proven as having antioxidant, anti-wrinkle and anti-inflammatory properties.

  • It helps to prevent acne and delays ageing 

The Vitamins E and K have properties that reduce problems of the skin such as acne, fine lines as well as wrinkles. Canola oil is rich in these vitamins and will treat issues of acne and ageing. Vitamin E works by neutralizing the free radicals that may damage your skin.

  • Alleviates a number of skin problems such as dark spots or blemishes

Canola oil will help you eradicate skin issues such as dark spots, dark circles, or blemishes thanks to the essential antioxidant properties it has.

  • Protects your skin from infections

The oil has antibacterial properties which help your skin to be protected from skin infections. It has also been established that applying the oil topically on the skin treats redness and alleviates eczema.

Is canola oil safe for your skin?

There have been worries amongst users of canola oil regarding its safety on user’s skin. However, studies suggest that use of the oil, whether for topical application on the skin, or even for cooking is safe.

To get the maximum results out of canola oil for your skin care, it is best to mix it with other essential oils. The solution can be applied regularly on the skin and in a very short time you will get amazing results. You can mix it with olive oil and apply it at night before retiring to your bed and you will be able to get a smooth and supple skin.

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