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Hi all! I am really excited to share my pregnancy news with all of you today. Well I’m getting into the seventh month of my pregnancy I.e. 28th week and I’m pretty excited to share this amazing phase of my life with you.

As I will be entering the third trimester soon so I I’m feeling a bit excited and nervous both at the same time. The pregnancy journey so far has been amazing but with so many difficulties and surprises. I must say that my first trimester was one of the hardest part. After the first trimester the things are working fine for me except occasional ups and downs in my health

Here are some of the problems which I faced on daily basis during my first trimester:

I couldn’t eat anything as I was finding it extremely difficult to eat anything, I was having strong food aversions back then. I was eating and then vomiting simultaneously. Though I tried very hard to maintain a healthy pregnancy diet but during my first trimester I was finding it really difficult.

I was sleeping the whole day and I was feeling so tired and so exhausted. I could not walk much. My energy was extremely low. Also I felt the breasts to be extremely sore and sensitive and even my bra was giving me a lot of irritation as nipples were too sensitive.

I was feeling nausea mostly without vomit throughout the day and I had a sensation that something is stuck inside my throat.

I was having an extreme sense of smell. Everything was stinking, be it the kitchen, lobby, house or anything else. In fact I could not bear the smell of peoples breath or body near me. I was feeling extreme irritability and frustration. 

Overall, first trimester was a very difficult part of my pregnancy and I am so thankful that it is over now.

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My second trimester:

Thankfully with my second trimester I have gained my energy back and I could enter the kitchen, make some meals, and enjoy some food items which I could not at all eat during my first trimester such as pulses, eggs, some fruits like apples etc.

During the end of my second trimester I am again starting to feel lots of tiredness. Addition to this is now I am having kind of sleepless nights. The body feels so heavy and bulky. Sitting and then getting up is now becoming a task. I am having pain in my legs, back and hipline. During the first as well as the second trimester I have been having horrible dreams related to ghosts or bad creatures so I started meditation, reading some good novels and have started watching some animated and cartoon movies. After doing this now I don’t get much of bad dreams these days. 

During my second trimester which is going to end soon I have been trying to make myself stress-free.

Pregnancy journey

This is a huge problem for me that some food items which are my favorite earlier such as onion, garlic, coffee and tea I haven’t been drinking or eating them since I got pregnant. But somehow I am coping with it. 

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Doctor visits during my pregnancy:

Since I got to know about the pregnancy I have been taking care of my health a lot, and since then I’ve been visiting my doctor every one month. During my first visit to the doctor I was suggested to take a blood test to confirm the pregnancy as well as to know important things such as amount of haemoglobin, the kind of blood group I have etc. So far I have had 3 blood tests (till 28 weeks or pregnancy) and all the tests have come out to be normal. 

Coming to ultrasound or sonography till now I have had total three ultrasounds. First one was during the ninth week of my pregnancy second one was during the 13th week off my pregnancy and the third one was during the 20th week of my pregnancy which is also called anomaly scan(Which is done to check if the foetus has any kind of abnormality which can be cured or not). All the ultrasounds were fine.

Medicines I have been taking:

Since the beginning of my pregnancy I was given only one tablet which was an iron tablet, which I had to take daily. I consumed the tablet for the first two months of pregnancy. Then my doctor changed the medicines and added vitamin D tablet, iron folic tablet and calcium tablets along with high protein powder(SimMomIQ) to help in my pregnancy and give essential nutrients to the baby.

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My health during the pregnancy journey:

So far I felt that the first trimester was one of the hardest part of my pregnancy. It felt like I was not going to recover at all and I could not enjoy food anymore. But thankfully now in my second trimester(which is almost over) I have started to enjoy food and in fact I feel lots of hunger these days and I have different cravings especially for sweet items like chocolate covered coffee’s extra. I have been trying to stay active during my pregnancy. Everyone especially my doctor say that keeping active during pregnancy means an active and healthy baby. 

I would love to mention here that during pregnancy I having a lot of problems with bladder control. Well! I feel that the baby is putting so much pressure on my bladder that I felt like I have to pee like 20 million times a day. I don’t feel like standing for a long long time and I need frequent rests while working. I’ve been working in shifts on my blog as well as on my job.


Plannings for my third trimester:

As generally the beginning of seventh month means a baby shower so we are planning a baby shower during the seventh month of my pregnancy. Also we are also planning to go for a maternity photo shoot as this will make the pregnancy very special and memorable. 

Now is the time to buy some baby clothing items and other essential items which we will be requiring after the baby has come. Also I’ll be readying my and baby’s hospital bag at around 32 weeks of pregnancy. So that in case of the baby is coming early then we have everything planned and prepared. We are also planning to visit our hospital to check out the arrangements there and book our hospital room. We also need to keep in touch with the insurance agent so that we don’t face much issues when it comes to insurance claim during the delivery. I have been planning to buy some maternity clothes and nursing wear because all my pre-existing clothes are getting too tight for me especially around the belly area. So far I have bought some maternity pants, tops, maternity maxi dresses and kurtas.

I feel really excited and happy when I think about my baby. I can feel the movement of my baby very frequently nowadays. In fact others can also feel the baby movements and kicks now. It’s such an amazing feeling and I feel so blessed.

As we don’t have an option to check out the gender of a baby in India so the gender is a surprise for us till the baby comes. Oh I’m looking so forward to meet my baby and hold it in my arms :). 

So friends have you ever been pregnant or are you a mother? Do you share your thoughts and your pregnancy journey here and I would love to read about it. 

Thanks a lot for reading my pregnancy journey and hope you have a wonderful day ahead.

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  1. Congrats on your pregnancy. Thanks for sharing your pregnancy journey with us. I haven’t ever been pregnant but I heard from friends that have had kids that the first 3 months can be very difficult. All the best to you!

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