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You might be wondering whether you’re pregnant or not? Only way by which you can be sure of your pregnancy is by taking a pregnancy test. There are certain symptoms which may point that you are pregnant.

Do all the woman get these early symptoms of pregnancy?

As we all know that body of every woman is different and every pregnancy is also different. Some of the women experience pregnancy symptoms and some do not. Also, not all the pregnant woman have the same pregnancy signs and symptoms. Thus the pregnancy symptoms differ from woman to woman. Also you should know that these symptoms of pregnancy might be due to pregnancy or due to some other hormonal changes, so to make sure that you are pregnant, a pregnancy test is a must.

Here are some early signs of pregnancy:

You might be having cramps and have spotting

Once you conceive, the fertilised egg is attached with the wall of the uterus. So due to attaching to the wall of the uterus you can see a sign of spotting and also you can feel some cramps. This spotting or bleeding is called by the name of implantation bleeding. It generally occurs around 6 to 12 days after the fertilisation of the egg has taken place.

cramps and pain during early pregnancy

Generally the spotting and cramping resembles menstrual cramps so some of the women may mistake them for menstrual bleeding and cramping. Apart from bleeding, some woman might have might have a milky discharge from the vagina. Generally the increased growth of cells lining is what causes the vagina to discharge a milky liquid. This kind of discharge is generally quite normal during pregnancy but if there is a complaint with itching sensation then there might be a chance that you are having a bacterial infection so consult your doctor as soon as possible. 

Your breast changes

One of the earliest sign of pregnancy is the change in your breasts. During pregnancy a woman sees a great change into her hormones. Because of this hormonal changes your breast may feel achy, sore, tingly or swollen. Your breast may also feel heavier, fuller and feel quite sensitive to touch.

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Generally extreme fatigue is one of the earliest signs of pregnancy. A woman can feel extreme fatigue within few days or a weeks after conceiving. But why does fatigue appears in the early pregnancy at the first place? Generally there’s a high level of hormone named progesterone and also there are some other things such as lower levels of blood sugar and lower blood pressure which may contribute to fatigue. So in early pregnancy you need to take extreme rest and you need to eat healthy food during pregnancy which is rich in protein and helps you relax.

Morning sickness or nausea 

morning sickness and nausea

One of the most famous and common symptoms of pregnancy is the morning sickness which is also known as nausea. But this symptom is not faced by Every woman. Generally during early pregnancy you might have cravings for some food or aversions for some food which may or may not last for your entire pregnancy.

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Missed period

This is one of the most important and obvious symptoms that you might be pregnant. But generally not all missed periods or delayed periods mean pregnancy. 

There are some other signs of pregnancy also which are as follows

You might have a symptom of frequent urination but this can also be caused due to urinary tract infection, diabetes and diuretics etc.

You might face the problem of constipation. Generally during pregnancy due to higher levels of hormone problems you may feel constipated. Make sure you drink plenty of water.

Mood swings. Due to increased level of hormones and changes in hormones you might feel mood swings especially in your first trimester which may extend to the whole pregnancy. 

Back pains and headaches. Back-pain and headaches are also one of the most common signs of pregnancy.


You might feel fainting and dizziness which may be related to hormonal changes, lower blood pressure and lower blood sugar during pregnancy. So dizziness and fainting is also an early sign of pregnancy.


Generally not all the pregnant woman have all these symptoms or may have one or two symptoms among these. If you are feeling that you are pregnant and you are facing any of the above symptoms then you should talk to your doctor about your pregnancy and you should take a pregnancy test to make sure whether you’re pregnant or not and whether your pregnancy is healthy or not. Talk to your doctor if you face any above symptoms.

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