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Besides hormones, there are many things that can go wrong in both the man and the woman that can stop them from successfully conceiving a baby. A thorough evaluation is necessary to understand the underlying cause of infertility. In any good fertility clinic in Pune, the primary treatment for infertility for couples suffering from a range of issues
is the IVF (In vitro fertilization). 
Fight Back Against Infertility
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There are many IVF specialists in India, who administer this treatment, wherein the egg and the sperm are fused in laboratory conditions and then reintroduced into the mother’s uterus to attach and grow into a healthy baby. This technology is a boon to those suffering from a range of infertility issues like:

• Endometriosis: where the endometrium or the think bed of tissue that serves as the anchor for the fertilized egg grows out of the uterus.
• Fallopian tube problems:  The fallopian tube connecting the ovaries to the uterus is defective or blocked. This prevents the egg manufactured in the ovaries to reach the uterus, a process essential for ovulation and conception.
• Defects in egg formation/ovulation: When the woman suffers from irregular menstrual cycle, wherein the formation of the egg or the ovulation process is affected.
• Fibroids in the uterus: A common condition in women above the age of 30, where there are fibroid like benign growths in the inner walls of the uterus.
• Conception after tubectomy: A birth control measure like tubectomy where the woman’s fallopian tubes are tied or blocked or severed can prevent her from conceiving. If a woman who has undergone this procedure, but wishes to have a child thereafter, IVF can be administered.
• Decreased sperm count: Some men have a very low sperm count or have sperms that lack the virility to swim their way to the egg and fertilize. As a method of natural selection, only those sperms that possess the strength to fight back and reach an egg, gets to fertilise with the egg. Under circumstances where the sperms lack this capacity, IVF is done outside the body in laboratory conditions artificially.
• Unexplained infertility: Sometimes all tests may suggest good health but still
conception does not happen. Such unexplained cases can also be treated with
Most fertility clinic in Chandigarh have all the advanced fertility treatment options which can help you conceive at ease Artificial insemination is a boon to millions of couples who fight against the odds of infertility.

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