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In many homes, electricity is the traditional method to power lights, appliances, and electronics, and hot water. As electricity use increases, so do our electricity bills. Without sacrificing comfort and health, you can save electricity at home with these tips:

Turn each device off when its service is no longer needed
Be mindful of your electricity and only use what is necessary (one light instead of three in a room at a time). When you leave a room, remember turn off the light. When you have finished using your home computer, turn it off instead of leaving it on standby. Make sure you always use devices efficiently. Check out R.E. Long Services for power efficient services and trusted electricity applications.
Replace inefficient appliances with electricity saving products
To help the environment and your purse you can receive the same services, but with devices that consume less electricity and total energy. Companies like ABB develop different products and solutions that can save electricity and even though there may be a higher upfront cost, energy saving appliances surely pay for themselves in the long run. In addition you should go for regular servicing for electrical appliances from a reliable service provider such as JAK Services. For example, an energy-saving dryer will be more expensive to buy, but it is much cheaper to run. Some examples of electricity saving products are: energy-saving dryers, LED lights, room temperature controllers, and smart power strips. You can Use Master Electrical Service or a similar electrician service to install more efficient light fixtures, HVAC controls, or rewire old electrical circuits with more efficent ones. 
Unplug devices when they are not in use
Many types of electronics (power strips, computers, etc.) continue to draw electricity from outlets when they are plugged in and off. This type of energy is referred to phantom energy, which can be reduced through a simple behavioral change by unplugging devices when they are not in use.
Be mindful of habits and devices that commonly consume excessive electricity
Air conditioning and heater (electrically-operated): Use your air conditioner and heater effectively by: closing your windows, and closing your blinds (even if just at night) to avoid outside temperatures fighting the effectiveness of the unit. Don’t forget to keep on top of your AC Repair too, as poorly functioning units can use more electricity than they really need to!
Dryer: Let your clothes line-dry instead of using a dryer.
Boilers than run off electricity and excessive hot water usage:
§Take a shower instead of a bath.
§Reduce the use of your dishwasher by hand washing dishes. When using the dishwasher is a must, wash only full loads and choose shorter wash cycles.
§Use cold water or max. 30°C for most laundry loads.
These improvements and minor, nearly inconsequential behavioral adjustments provide those at home with the opportunity to significantly reduce electricity consumption. Your electricity bill, energy pollution, and the environment will all thank you.

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