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Travel and recreation are no less important for mature people than for youth. After all, fresh air, new impressions and a charge of cheerfulness should always be received without regard for age! Therefore, we prepared the best travel spots that adults must visit.

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·         Cyprus

 A good vacation shouldn’t be held in a sanatorium with treatment. It can be replaced by a natural doctor named the sea! Healing air and sunbathing, idyllic landscapes painted with sunsets, fresh fruit and vegetables and organic farm products — you will not have to go to the doctors with such a set of medicines for a long time! Cyprus is one of the travel spots to relax at sea. The beach season here begins in March and lasts until the end of November. It is also pleasant to meet late autumn having escaped from the gloomy sky to the sea! The question “what to do in Cyprus” usually doesn’t arise. You will find ancient monasteries on the island, meet endless hospitality of local residents and experience a real pleasure from national dishes!

·         Italy

Italy is one of the best places in the world to spend the vacations in style. This fashion capital of the world has a lot to offer that range from beautiful sceneries to finest dinning. You can check out these Italy vacation packages with the help of which you can get the best deals at best affordable rates while travelling.

·         A sea cruise

This is one of the finest vacation variants for mature people. This type of recreation involves promenades on panoramic decks, thoughts about life against the background of Mediterranean landscapes and leisurely dinners in good restaurants. By the way, don’t forget your most luxurious outfits: there is a dress code on many liners in the evenings. Sea voyage takes place in the bohemian atmosphere of the beginning of the 20th century. But the level of comfort will not let you forget that you have already crossed the line of the XXI century. You may visit Malta and Sicily, Madeira and the Canary Islands, the Greek archipelagos and such cities as Barcelona, Nice, Athens, Venice, and Istanbul. In a sea cruise, the views outside the window change at the speed of light as in a kaleidoscope. Every day is a new city or even a new country, which means an unexplored culture and people, an unexpected cuisine and one of the melodic Mediterranean languages. You can explore all this by yourself or accompanied by a second half — as you like.

And the traditional cruise life will revive in the evening: bars and luxury restaurants, shops and boutiques, casinos and concert halls, spa centers and water parks…and all this is right on the high sea!

·         Finland

This real classic of winter folklore will present not only a wonderful holiday at the ski resorts but also a real winter fairy tale. That’s where it seems like you’re going back to childhood and you start to believe in a miracle because this is the birthplace of Santa Claus! Here is just a terrific atmosphere during the Christmas holidays. So this is one of the best travel spots in Europe in winter.

·         Goa

Goa, which is unknowingly considered an island, is the former Portuguese colony on the coast of western India. There is no white sand, transparent sea, and color reefs are completely absent as well. But there are white-stone churches in Panaji, a Portuguese fort and the relics of St. Francis in Old Goa. But the main thing is the special “spirit of Goa” — the spirit of free life. Goa can be called one of the best travel spots in Asia.

·         Spain

This country is one of the largest European countries, popular among travelers of all ages. Older people are attracted to a warm climate and a civilized lifestyle. The country combines a unique natural beauty and culture. An important factor is that about a third of the Spanish population speaks English well. Comfortable beaches, luxury hotels near the sea and delicious and healthy food. What could be better? That is why Spain is in this list of top travel spots.

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  1. I live in Italy and I conform that Italy is all you have described and even more. Before coming to Italy, a great part of the top destinations in my travel list were places in Italy. I am kinda disappointed not seeing France in this top, France too has some wonderful places, and I am not talking about the most famous ones.

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