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Makeup Mistakes That Make You Look Older

Makeup Mistakes That Make You Look Older
The primary purpose of makeup is to make us look fresh and our skin nurtured. However, with the wrong choices of makeup products and shades, the effect can be quite the opposite. Instead of looking natural, you may end up looking fake and older than you actually are. Therefore, it’s important to know which makeup mistakes add years to your face so you can successfully avoid making them.

Wrong foundation

Foundation needs to
be changed as we age, so it’s imperative that you check from time to time if
the formula still works for you. If the foundation shade or texture doesn’t
match your skin tone and skin type, the foundation won’t blend into skin as it
should. Dryness is a common problem in aging skin, so if the foundation formula
is too thick and dry, your face will look flaky instead of glowing. Try to
avoid applying too much of foundation to your face, or it’ll crease into your
fine lines and only highlight the imperfections. Therefore, it’s a good idea to
try a lightweight foundation and avoid powdery ones as well.

Too much blush

Applying too much
blush is one of the biggest mistakes you can make. While the times of
over-blushing are long behind us, you can still see some women loving the
excessively rosy cheeks. However, that look does them no favour. On the
contrary, too much blush adds ages to your face and doesn’t provide you with a
naturally fresh look. No-makeup makeup is becoming more popular as it promotes
naturally rosy cheeks and fresh skin. Also, avoid too brown and too red shades
because they can look unnatural on the face. Cream formulas are sometimes a
much better option, so try them out for a marvelous result.

Forgetting to prime

You can’t have a
flawless makeup without a proper preparation. When you forget to prime the
skin, it can end up being less hydrated and the makeup is more likely to
crease. Before applying makeup, you should always clean your face and prime your
skin for maquillage. Check some of the top rated Ofra primers
and prepare your skin for foundation, as well as all
other products. Apply it after you’ve moisturized your skin, but before you
apply foundation. This will keep your makeup flawless for hours without making
your face look older.

Black liner

If you love
applying a black eye pencil to your lower lids, you’re unintentionally making
your face look older. Black liner will only make your eyes visually smaller,
and if it’s not of a high quality, it’ll smudge fast, making you look tired in
addition to adding ages to your face. Instead, opt for a light lash liner and
apply it to the lower waterline. Switch from a black kohl pencil to a deep
brown eyeshadow.

Concealer mistake

Dark circles tend to be a real problem for
many of us, which is why a concealer is our main makeup tool. However, if you
fail to choose the right shade and consistency, you can only create a counter
effect. Instead of looking fresh and glowing, you can accentuate the flaws
instead of concealing them. Therefore, avoid too thick formulas since the skin
under your eyes is seven times thinner than on the rest of the face.

Highlighting it wrong

It’s true that highlighting your face
provides you with a glowing and healthy look, but only if you highlight the
right spots. Avoid highlighting your smile lines and eye creases because it can
emphasize crepey texture. Therefore, stick to highlighting cheekbones, the
center of the nose and the cupid’s bow for fuller lips.

Final thoughts


Makeup is our best companion in hiding all
the skin flaws we might notice to have. However, sometimes with the bad choice
of products and wrong application, makeup can actually work against us.
Therefore, be sure not to make the previously mentioned mistakes so you could
always have a fresh and young-looking skin.

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