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Are you that gorgeous beauty with a round face and wondering the kind of hair styles that would best match your face type? There are lots of gorgeous hairstyles available for ladies with round faces for you to choose from. However it is important for you to be aware of the fact that your haircut and style should be able to frame your face and make your feature better.

Here below is a list of 10 gorgeous hairstyles that’s perfect for the round faces:

Check out the details below:

Pixie bob

pixie cut
Image credit: hairstylery

The pixie bob is a great hair style that perfectly matches any round face and makes it look fabulous. If you wish to highlight your look and take it to the next level why not try a deep side part and see for yourself the results! What you should avoid in round face cuts is uniformity. It would be best for you to rather just sweep much of your mane to one side of your face as this will help slim your face.

The shag haircut

shag hairstyle
Image credit – Pinterst

This haircut is perfectly ideal for you if you got a round chubby face as it helps to flatter your face making you look gorgeous and beautiful. Consider the shag haircut and you will see how it helps give you a modern and stylish look that every round face woman is dreaming of.

The short angled bob

short angled bob
image credit – good housekeeping

If you got long thick and straight hair, don’t shy away from trying the short angled haircut. Go for a deep side part and let the long pieces stay in the front to help slim down your round face. This is a trendy hairstyle you can wear exuding confidence all day long!

The wavy blunt bob

wavy blunt bob
image credit – pinterest

You can choose to go with the messy cuts to help highlight your beautiful round face. The wavy blunt bob also helps to elongate your face thus making you look even sexier and chic!

The edgy pixie bob

The edgy pixie bob
image credit -sparkonus

A qualified hairdresser can help you achieve the gorgeous edgy pixie bob haircut for your round face. You can opt for the curly hair or simply go for the short hair style, whatever your find that best auger well with your taste!

Deep Side-Parted Lob

Deep Side-Parted Lob
image credit – The Right Hairstyles

Having long hair will not only draw attention away from your round face jawline, but also help lengthen your face. If you wish to achieve a flattering hairstyle that’s perfect for your round face shape, go for the fabulous deep side-parted lob.

Sleek long hair

Sleek long hair
image credit – marie claire

Having a round face doesn’t mean that you have to keep short hair. You can opt for the sophisticated cut with a middle part. You will see that the long straight hairstyle featuring curtain bangs will come in handy to correct the parts of your round face.

Choppy pixie hair style

choppy pixie hair style
image credit – all things hair

 A pixie cut can be a great face-slimming hairstyle for the round face woman. You can comb your hair forward, to the side or even style a pompadour, there are just numerous options available!

Mid-length curly hairstyle

Mid-length curly hairstyle
image credit – the right hairstyles

Curls are great for round faces, however, you should not have height on top and also don’t add volume at the cheeks. Go with the textured hairstyle to make you look glamorous and fancy.

Blunt bob

blunt bob
image credit – long hairstyles

If you have a round face and want to it to look slim then the blunt bob should be your hairstyle. Just ensure that you go for the right length with subtle highlights and a deep side parting. 

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