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To create a fresh & natural appearance and avoid reactions to cosmetics such as allergies with subsequent rashes, pimples and weeping breakouts with whiteheads or blackheads and painful skin eruptions, finding the right cosmetics for any form of skin is critical. Each person’s skin is unique which means her needs are personalized. Besides, different areas of the face of a person have various characteristics that must be taken into account when you head to buy cosmetics online.

Knowing your skin’s features and buying the right makeup for your skin type is worth it if you have been unhappy when your powder eyeshadow creases and slides before noon or if your foundation looks lined and caked.

Beauty product options can be overwhelming, but is there anything better than choosing a new lipstick or mascara? We don’t think so, and these days, given the number of places you can buy cosmetics online or offline from, there’s nothing you can’t buy.

Whether you’re always looking for the perfect foundation match, new nail polish, face scrubs that will clean up your skin, or some good quality natural body moisturisers, it’s doubtful that you’re not going to find one that works. Though finding the exact thing can be difficult, it’s not impossible.

Below are some tips to help you vibe with, ‘You Do You, Girl!’

●      Knowledge is Power

When it comes to the makeup or beauty items, most salespeople are well educated, and they’re there to support you. Ask the salespeople about the differences between the powder and the brand’s liquid base. Ask them which serum you should use for the texture of your skin, and ask their opinion about what lip colour you should try. If you want to go the easier way and head online, there will be plenty of reviews and product descriptions available for you. After all, some opinions do matter.

●      Walk with a Friend

Please take a friend and make sure she’s genuine (with her intentions too) when shopping for beauty products. Going alone means you’re not going to be able to figure out if a colour looks fantastic on you or if your budget is actually much too expensive for an item. The feedback of your best friend will ensure that you get the best products for your money. Plus, we could all use some appreciation, no?

●      Did You Keep Your Phone?

Do not forget your phone at any costs; for safety, to call a friend, or to check up on a product. Use your phone to lookup an item in question for product feedback. Chances are when looking at online reviews, you’ll find out very easily how good (or awful) a product is. Second, check online for the product to see if you can find a lower price somewhere else. Many places offer discounts, and you’ll get more value for money if you can get it for a better price.

●      Check Out Pinterest

Granted, owing to something you saw on Pinterest, you might have ended up at the cosmetics store, to begin with, but does a good old-fashioned keyword search on the social network for proper colour depiction in real life. Sometimes, instead of just showing what a product looks like in the tube, people pin what a lipstick looks like when they wear it.

●      Labels Do Matter

Know what will come with certain ingredients, especially for skincare products. For instance, if you do not have dry skin, you should have some kind of peroxide running in the opposite direction, which can cause extreme dryness, but works great for acne.

●      Get Rewarded

Many companies have reward systems, such as insider schemes that reward you on a buy-based point system. If you always go shopping for makeup counters, don’t miss the incentives. Plus, they will also give you sneak peeks of goods and submit samples, so you can try things before purchasing the full size.

●      Don’t Shy Away From Samples

Whether from the shop itself or personally from the cosmetics company, some companies are glad to send them along if you call and order samples. Before making the purchase, having a free sample is the best way to wet your toes before investing a big chunk of the money on an exfoliator to which you may be allergic.

●      Understand Your Undertones

When you know the undertones of your skin, it is much easier to shop for colour cosmetics. Your foundation must be yellow or peach-based if you have warm undertones (yellow, golden or peach). Your foundation should be neutral or pink-based if you have cool undertones (blue or red).

●      Woke Up Like This Look?

Brave the world, without wearing makeup, and go to the store so you can test items at the counter. Checking the items in the shop makes it much, much easier to choose to purchase. To stop bacteria, make sure you’re using separate applicators for each. Or even better, go filter less & find your perfect match, online!


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●      Count The Cash

Some items should be bought at the store, and some can be splurged on. These can vary depending on the essential items to you (if you religiously wear foundation but only wear lipstick once a month, your quality item should be foundation), but know what you are prepared to pay before setting foot in the shop.

Makeup can hide the marks on your skin and enhance your looks. Nevertheless, the final result you get from using makeup depends primarily on the makeup items you use and also the application technique you adapt. In truth, due to these two factors, the gap between professional makeup and a beginner’s makeup is given a rise. It is imperative to use the correct ingredients in the correct way in order to get the perfect makeup that gives you the best look.

Choosing the best makeup items does not necessarily mean choosing the market’s most costly makeup labels. Typically, premium makeup items are made with ingredients that are not toxic to your skin and give what they say. This is why professionals also choose expensive brands.

The trick of having the perfect makeup heavily depends on your skin’s choice of the right makeup items. Makeup is an area where the one- size- fits- all principle cannot be implemented. In order to achieve the best results, your makeup needs to be personalized exactly according to your skin type and colour, and this is where it really becomes important to select the right makeup items.

From an expensive and high-quality makeup product, you will never get the expected final outcome if it doesn’t fit your skin. So, to buy only the most costly ones is not always the best choice when it comes to buying makeup items.

Your target should be to buy cosmetics products online, or offline that matches your skin type and skin tone well. Bear in mind that even the right skin products cannot be able to deliver the best results if you are unable to apply them properly, so please take note of this aspect.

Pick the Right Lipstick

Another essential makeup item without which no makeup can be complete is the lipstick. You have multiple choices in shades and finishes when it comes to lipstick. There are also lip glosses, plumper lips and several other items that add colour to the lips. Typically, they add a more subtle colour tinge and therefore have less staying power.

In order to get the perfect look, picking the right shade of lipstick is very necessary. The lipstick shades that are most likely to fit your skin tone will significantly enhance your look. But on the other hand, the shades that are not appropriate for your skin tone can make you appear out of place.

In particular, with lipsticks of warmer colours, skins with yellow undertones look the most stunning. Shades of purple and blue are often the perfect choice for people with pink undertones. You may typically opt for more or less any colour when you have olive skin complexion since olive skin is usually devoid of any undertones.

Always concentrate on your overall makeup and the colour of your dress to select the right one, be it nude, yellow, red or orange. Bold colours like red and orange can look bright on very fair skins. However, the really fair-skinned ladies can also go for pink and mauve light shades. Prevent the undertones of too much yellow or you might appear washed out.

Shades of berries, deep plums, or even red can look gorgeous on beauties with darker skin tone. It would help if you stopped using colours on your lips that are very light or pale. For darker skin tones, the lighter colours never do much justice. To choose the right lipstick hue, always remember your dress colour and your overall makeup. Now, do you worry about how to buy cosmetics products online?

So girls, go ahead and ditch the ones you ever dared to say, ‘I don’t like girls with makeup’. It’s time to ‘Boy-Bye’ zone them!

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