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If you’re new to makeup or a pro, it is essential to note that good-quality brushes are critical since they make the whole process quicker and easier. There are different kinds of makeup brushes; hence you should know which brush is for what to avoid mixing up your brushes in your makeup bag. Remember to always Invest in brushes based on the products you use most. Below are our top 10 types of makeup brushes and how to use them.

1. Powder Brush

A powder brush is for applying powder to the face. When you apply the powder, it helps your makeup stay in place for a long time. Powder brushes are large and fluffy. Its shape is domed, which aids in evenly spreading the products on your face. 

How to use: Place the brush into the powdered products and apply sweeping strokes until evenly done.

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2. Concealer Brush

You first apply foundation before applying concealer to hide any marks on your face. It is recommended you use a small flat concealer brush. The concealer brush is somehow similar to the foundation brush but smaller. It has a paintbrush shape but is a bit denser.

How to use: Place the tip of your brush into the concealer, then apply it under your eyes.

3. Foundation Brush

There are two different foundation brushes. The first acts like a paintbrush, while the second has a flat top. A good foundation brush has straight and firm bristles. There are foundation brushes with short handles, but the makeup artist recommends that I use them once with long handles for better control.

How to use: Start from the cheeks and T-zone to apply foundation outward smoothly to avoid makeup lines around your jawline and hairline.

4. Bronzer Brush

An angled blush and powder brush have the same shape as a bronzer brush. The only difference is that it’s comprehensive and more fluffy than them. And this will help the bronzer spread equally on your skin for a natural look.

How to use: loosely sweep your brush in a three pattern. Start from your forehead to the cheekbones, then down your jawline.

5. Contour Brush

It is essential to buy the brush designed for contouring for easy application and great results. Go for angled brushes instead of flat brushes since they help you identify your face’s natural curves. A contour brush is the same size as a blush brush.

How to use: Put the brush into your contour powder, remove the extras, then glide the brush to and from below your cheekbones.

different types of makeup brushes
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6. Highlight Brush

It has a unique shape different from other makeup brushes. Highlight brushes are shaped like a fan which helps you to apply your makeup evenly. It has thin synthetic bristles.

How to use: Put your brush into the highlighter powder, tap the excess, sweep, and blend the brush over your cheekbones and where natural light hits your face.

7. Eyeshadow Brush

An eyeshadow brush has a similar shape to a foundation brush but is small, and its bristles are more firm.

How to use: Put the brush into the eyeshadow, remove the excess then apply it to your lids.

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8. Eyeliner Brush

You will have to invest in a good quality eyeliner brush for that cat-eye shape lashes. Straight or angled liner brushes are great choices. Eyeliner brushes are small with dense bristles. A great tip is that an eyeliner brush works best with liquid liner or gel for flawless eye makeup.

How to use: Put your brush into the powder, then apply the eyeliner as you usually do with your pencil.

9. Blush Brush

The blush brush is similar to a powder brush but smaller. Its shape helps to make the application in a precise way.

How to use: Apply your blush to your cheeks, then blend it on your cheekbones.

10. Mascara Wand or Spoolie 

It is used to apply mascara to the lashes lines. The best mascara brush has a spoolie shape with small but firm bristles, making the mascara application more manageable.

How to use: Rub the bristles smoothly to remove any mascara smudges without removing the makeup underneath.

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