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camera ready makeup

When going to take a photo, a red carpet event, appear before TV cameras you want to look glamorous and cute. You wouldn’t want anything to spoil your camera moment be it wrinkles or fine lines appearing. That’s why you want to do camera ready makeup like a pro so that everything works excellently for you.

Fortunately you are in the right place where you will learn more about some of the best tips to do camera ready makeup like a pro.

Your skin must be moisturized all the time you confront the camera

Good make up usually starts with having good skin care and this why you should ensure that your skin well moisturized at all times. Also ensure that you have a moisturized base to allow your makeup last longer and look good on the camera.

Going for bold color is better

Cameras tend to go for bolder colors and that is why you should also aim for bolder colors. You don’t necessarily have to go all out glam but choose slightly darker shades. This will help you stand out in the pictures you take.

Cameras have a tendency to wash out structural highlights and you can deal with this by putting the right shade of contour with a little bit of blush.

Prime your face

camera ready makeup
image credit: db cosmetics NZ

You should have all the products needed for priming your face in your make up bag. Putting primer on your face will help you correct a number of issues such as color-correcting and hydrating your skin to appear near perfect in camera shooting. Just ensure that you are using good make up brushes for this purpose.

Use setting powder

Sweating is normal and should not be frowned at but when it comes to cameras and the flash they can appear too shiny to be natural. You can reduce this effect by applying some small amounts of foundation powder. You just have to apply it lightly to add some small layer of coverage and it will go a long way in ensuring longevity for the photo session.

Finish the preparation using a good setting spray

Being the makeup wearer you are you should always have a good setting spray. This helps in locking in your makeup for the longest time ever. Use a good make up brush that you will spray the setting spray on and then applying gently on your skin. This helps to set everything and seals the deal for you by locking it in for a great look. 

You can take a picture before going for the actual photo shoot

You can test things out with a camera before going out for the actual photo shoot. Ask someone to take a photo of you with a flash on. This will tell whether you put on too much powder or too little. You can then do the adjustments accordingly before you now step out the door for the real thing. 

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