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Are you wondering why your resolve to lose weight is not bearing any fruit for you? Well, far from the hyped commercials that are often misleading how easy it is to lose weight, nothing can be further from the truth. Billions of dollars are spent each year to produce weight loss products but sadly millions of people still are overweight.

So, why is this so? Okay, there are so many reasons that make it so hard for you to actually lose weight against your desires. You may be struggling to lose belly fat or simply just trying to lose your overall body weight. 

Here are some possible 10 reasons why weight loss is very difficult for you:

  1. Your body is wired in a way that it holds on fats as much as possible

The human body is usually naturally made to keep as much fat as it possibly can and hold it on. This is usually the case because the body anticipates the possibility of food running out and thus fats then serve as the primary food source for the body. What this means for most people is that losing weight isn’t easy.

  1. Sometimes it is just your attitude

You decide that you want to lose weight and then start the endeavor. Weight loss is a continuous activity that must be accentuated by setting a goal. Losing weight takes time and therefore you should find what motivates you to keep going. You can live a life where exercising and healthy eating habits is part of.

  1. Incorrect workouts

Perhaps you are performing workouts to help you lose weight but you aren’t doing them the right way. While it may be possible to shed some weight through a healthy diet, sooner or later you will pause on a plateau. This is why you should incorporate some beneficial workouts regimen with your supposed diet.

  1. Your diet

A healthy diet provides the best way to lose weight. Your resolve to lose weight must start with the diet you take. You must make a commitment to replace unhealthy foods you are accustomed to with healthy food.

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  1. Your general lifestyle

If you wish to lose weight then you must change your general lifestyle to a healthy one. Leading a healthy lifestyle means dropping all those unhealthy habits that pertly contribute to you adding weight.

  1. The environment you live in

Are you living in an environment that contains all the unhealthy but tempting foods you find irresistible? It could be your work place or your home. All you have to do in order to deal with is try to remove tempting but unhealthy foods from your vicinity.

  1. It could be your mental health

Studies have found that poor mental health could also cause issues with weight. Emotional eating affects quite a number people who find solace in eating when faced with problems. Talk to your counselor about how to cope with mental health.

  1. You set impossible goals

You simply set goals that you can’t achieve within your set timelines. The fastest way to lose weight after observing your diet and performing workouts is by setting achievable goals. 

  1. You aren’t flexible enough

In order to lose weight there are serious lifestyle changes you must make. These usually come with daily choices that you may find hard and tough to abide by.

  1. You can’t fathom the thought of failure

Even as you keep the hard work of losing weight, it is wise to be alive to the fact that sometimes you may fail. However, failing should not way on you to give up because you must keep on fighting to finally succeed. 

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