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Menopause is a natural aging process that every woman has to encounter. Whilst some may find ways to counter much of the process that occurs, be it with cosmetic surgery Birmingham has on offer for the wrinkles and the sagging to exercising to help keep limber, there are some things that just cannot be stopped. It isn’t a disease. It is a stage in a woman’s life. I hit menopause at 46 years, but the average age is believed to be 51 years. At this stage, our ovaries seize to produce the hormone estrogen. The lack of estrogen instigates many changes, the major being weight gain.

Weight and Menopause

As we age, several factors affect our brain and our physical appearance. A drop in estrogen levels re-distributes fat in our bodies. Most of the fat gets deposited in our waistlines and distorts our outward appearance. A drop in estrogen also signals the onset of sarcopenia, which leads to the wastage of muscles. And the negative impact doesn’t end there; it drives us to eat more and result in depression.

Here are tips I use to control weight gain in my after-menopause years.

Regular Exercise

It doesn’t have to be a jog in the nearby park! Even an evening stroll with a dog does wonders at this age. Since I can still move my body around, I mix strolling with yoga and moderate stretches.

The trick is finding an enjoyable, simple activity that doesn’t ask much from the body. I have some older friends who tend to their gardens as a form of exercise. These activities whittle fat around the waist. They also help halt the loss of muscle mass.

Embrace Sleep

High-quality sleep is vital for anyone wishing to maintain a healthful weight. However, according to my doctor, sleep difficulty is prevalent among most middle-aged women. Lack of restful sleep is the reason why many of us struggle to cope with weight at menopause.

We develop poor eating habits after a bad night’s sleep. With that said, getting adequate sleep isn’t straightforward. Some people that CBD gives them the desired effect of being able to wind down in the evening and get to sleep without a hitch. Others swear by pillow sprays, essential oils, etc. What works in my case is a book. Two pages and I doze off without any problem. I also turn off my phone and laptop at night to avoid distractions.

Improve Diet Quality

Like any normal weight-reduction program, menopause weight can be managed through diet. Dietary changes, especially calorie-intake reduction, are necessary. At this age, I ensure all my meals and snacks are nutrient-rich. I avoid processed foods like pastries, processed meat, white bread, to name a few. Soft drinks are also not on my menu.

I give priority to the following food, legumes, whole grains, fruits, lean protein, vegetables, and olive oil. With such food, I can effectively control my weight and keep lifestyle diseases at bay. Moreover, when overhauling your diet, it might also be worth considering introducing some weight loss supplements such as Private Label African Mango into your daily routine – just remember to do plenty of research beforehand if you do decide to use any supplements. For instance, if you are looking for a health supplement designed to promote a healthy gut, increase energy, and reduce food cravings, you could check Multi-GI 5 reviews, and may then consider including it in your daily routine.

Mindful Eating

Not everything on the dinner table should be consumed! Mindful eating entails keeping tabs on what we eat, the proportions we consume, and the likely outcome from our eating habits. By practicing mindfulness when eating, obese individuals are likely to reduce the amount of food they consume.

During menopause, we should also consider the frequency of our eating. Meal skipping is ill-advised.  It’s better to spread meals throughout the day rather than have one huge meal at a seating. This should be the case for women with insulin resistance. Eating at several intervals will help stabilize blood glucose levels.

Get Help from Family Members

Family and friends are known to be at our sides during difficult periods. And they can be integral to our weight loss program during menopause. They can be workout partners or help us stock healthy food. Engaging with family members also helps in reducing the levels of stress and depression in our bodies.


Menopause is but a stage in life that should be embraced. The mentioned tips come in handy when controlling our weight during this period. It’s advisable to consult a doctor if obesity becomes unmanageable.

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