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Summer is the hottest season of the year; hence it can be difficult to maintain a clean appearance. Walking around smelling bad from the sticky and sweaty summertime can be embarrassing. However, you don’t have to worry about how you smell during summer when the temperatures are high. It is possible to even during the heatwave to smell amazing and look petty and fashionable without worrying about the sweat stains or smell.

Choosing the best fabric to wear during summer is key as it will play a key role in enjoying your summer. In this article, we have simplified things for you; below are the best fabrics you can choose for summer.

1. Linen

Linen is one of the most oldest fabrics in the world. It is made from flax fibers. Linen materials are a good heat conductor than cotton fabric since they are stronger. Linen fibers are absorbent textiles making them ideal for summer because of their breathability feature.

Linen materials do not absorb air or heat; hence perfect for summer wear, especially for someone who sweats a lot. Also, linen fabric is known for its durability feature. It’s a lightweight fabric and easy to clean.

2. Cotton 

Cotton is one of the most known natural fabrics. It’s made from fibrous balls. The fabric allows air to circulate through the fibers because of the small space in the cloth. Hence a breathable fabric.

Cotton is among the most used fabrics in summer since it’s light weight; this helps keep the body cool by preventing sweat.

3. Silk

it’s a great choice for fabric for summer. Silk fabric retains moisture enabling the skin to breathe. In addition to this, it has antibacterial properties that allow easy ventilation. Silk materials easily regulate the temperature, thus always making it the perfect choice.

4. SeerSucker

Are you looking for a clothing that has a comfortable feel this summer? Seersucker is the right choice for you. Sheer is a lightweight fabric and does not require ironing. In India, sheer is the most preferred fabric for Indian outfits.

summer fabrics

If you’re thinking of wearing pants during summer, consider sheer as they are a great choice because they are light weight and less prone to wrinkles, unlike linen.

5. Khadi 

Khadi materials gained popularity in India during the Swadeshi movement, and their popularity continues to rise worldwide. It is a cool and basic fabric with a stylish look. You can be able to find more khadi materials on fabcurate for they have most of the trustedstore.Khadi fabric is easy to maintain.

6. Rayon/Viscose

It is also called viscose. If you are looking for a suitable fabric for sportswear, rayon is your choice. It doesn’t absorb heat since it’s a breathable fabric; hence you won’t get sweaty.

Viscose material is a semi-synthetic fabric made from natural and synthetic products. The cost for rayon fabric is much more affordable. The majority of the Hawaiian-style shirts are made from rayon fabric since it’s thinner than cotton.

7. Chiffon

Chiffon is a summer-friendly material. It’s light weight making it suitable in warmer conditions. Check out the online fabric store to get a variety of chiffon clothes.

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