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Cruising around in Hyderabad in a car is the best way to discover the hidden secrets of Southern India’s cultural capital. From glamorous film studios to the most iconic biryani joints, the streets and neighbourhoods of Hyderabad offer the intrepid traveller a mosaic of experiences. One can also choose from a long list of destinations for fun road trips.

Quintessential Hyderabad The Charminar is one of those landmarks that will end up on the itinerary, an
impressive structure that looms over one of the busiest areas of the old town. The four minarets stand out from a distance and while visiting this place, one can also explore the local markets in the area. 
To enjoy a bit of open landscape within the city, many visit the Nehru Zoo, a sprawling establishment that is home to myriad endemic and non-native species. Drive along the periphery of the Hussein Sagar Lake in the evening and head off to some of the new watering holes in the swanky Banjara Hills. Hyderabad is also famous for its local cuisine, most specifically the biryani. Although Hyderabad House and Paradise are the most famous restaurants, many foodies swear by the mutton biryani at Cafe Bahar, a local favourite.

Short Escapades
Telangana’s capital is also a good base to explore some of the tourist destinations in the region. With convenient online taxi booking in Hyderabad, it is easy to get a rental car and enjoy some fascinating road trips.

Old fortifications, tombs and a lot of history is one way to sum up Bidar, a town just across the state border, 150 kms away from Hyderabad. Another favourite destination for architecture aficionados is Nizamabad, which is a 180-km drive from the city. Attractions here include the 500-year-old Kanteshwar Temple and the Bada Pahad Dargah.

Known for its filigree artisanship, Karimnagar is a town with old world charm in every corner. The heritage sites here are the main attractions – some of the landmarks of Karimnagar are the Elagandal Fort and the Jagityala Fort. For those looking to head to the coast, Guntur is an ideal destination. Apart from the serene Suryalanka Beach, other places of interest here are Nagarjuna Sagar Dam and Ethipothala Falls. Guntur is 266 kms from Hyderabad.

Vizag is another popular seaside destination. The city is also home to the INS Kurkura Submarine Museum and the famous Rushikonda Beach. Drive over to the nearby hills and enjoy mesmerizing views of the azure coastline.

Self Drive for the Best Experience

There are many reasons why choosing a self drive rental car makes the Hyderabad experience better. Business travellers can enjoy a better transit experience by travelling on their own terms as public transport options can get
inconsistent. A rental offers complete privacy and one can make impromptu detours and stops. 
Online cab booking in Hyderabad can be done easily via the smartphone. Companies like Zoomcar offer a wide range of cars to choose from and 24/7 on-road support ensures that the trip is hassle-free.

The medieval glory of Hyderabad stands strong, juxtaposed with a gleaming modern skyline. From the architecture to the epicurean delights, Hyderabad is a city that pleases all senses. Hop behind the wheel and let the road lead the way.


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