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Motorsport has been redefined by the new BMW M3. This icon has a dynamic vision that pushes all the technological boundaries constantly. With a top speed of 155 mph and a raw power of about 425 horses, this car has all the ability to deliver performance. With an acceleration of 0-60 mph in 3.6 seconds, it gives that awe-inspiring grip and confidence. The new BMW M3 is weight conscious and has shed pounds, thanks to the Carbon fiber roof and engine brace. An aluminum hood and front wheel arches keep those extra weights aside to deliver exceptional handling and a dynamic face-off to the road and track.

Following the traditional way, the 3.0 liter inline 6 makes the BMW throwback, launch forward. The weight consciousness has added a few horses. The balance-restoring powerhouse has got an add up of a TwinPower turbocharger to feed the Engines large appetite. The M3’s lag free turbocharging system makes sure that the Engine receives a broad plateau.

The signature BMW’s Vanos technology varies the camshaft timing which allows high pressure to build inside the cylinder which ultimately extends the optimal power output throughout. A full 406 lb-ft of torque becomes available at 1850 rpm leaps a plateau quickly in the torque curve. Not to forget that the new BMW M3 is available in two more attractive packages including the M Competitive Package and the Executive package which has its own perks.

Show off your curves with preeminent performance. The quad bank exhaust system meshes completely with the sporty and agile look. To give that extra charm, White-knuckle wheels with an optional M carbon ceramic brakes are equipped with two extra pistons instead of the traditional four to boost stopping power. The exhaust is louder than the regular M3.

BMW M3: The BMW’s Boy Racer

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The agile way in which the car picks up a three digit speed is invariably incredible. As there is no manual transmission, all the job is well-taken care by the dual clutch gearbox. If you still want the manual gear experience you can go for the paddles on the steering wheel, it is quite responsive. The console works like a switch, pull back to upshift and forward to downshift similar to a race car.

The chassis of the BMW M3 bolts perfectly with the Engine. The package options are available with awesome window characteristics which pushes an even sharper look. Special performance building tools like the electrically assisted steering which is very impressive along with a rear differential and all the varied driving modes developed by Meel’s team.

Among the three the sport plus mode feels a bit heftier and makes steering heavy without adding any feel for the track. With all the complications the sports plus setting is still the favorite of many and also the fastest one.

The exterior of this new generation is distinctive. The dark grey wheels designed to match the M4 coupes. The all carbon fiber made hood, roof and the spoiler adds up some extra horses and gives an add-on edge to the sport. The bright pastel hues available with the new 2018 BMW M3 is attractive and catches every eye in the block with interior being comfort.

Talking of the gorgeous one of kind interiors, the cabin adorned by the microfiber suede gives the presence of a mean machine. The seats are very comfortable and it there will be no problem even if there is a lot of traffic, you can pull back and relax until the masses clears the way. The premium all surround sound system exceeds the high expectations of music lovers.

It is nearly impossible to find a mistake in the creation of this mean machine. The first-ever four-door sedan by BMW embosses itself with the CS badge. The aggressively playful yet civilized, the all-new M3 is now available at an MSRP of $66,500 you can grab this beast fast and experience the never before. A person who wants power, aggression, agile, bold edges, sports plus and an obvious BMW can go with the M3 with full confidence and valor.

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