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The all-new Infiniti Q60 coupe has had major changes for 2018, all set to shock audiences worldwide. The prominent changes are seen in the exterior which is a great advantage and an improvement over the previous Q60 model. However, the interiors still need to be worked upon. They have failed to impress the majority of the experts because of low space and unattractive designs.

The company has not compromised with the power. It features a 400hp 2.0L Turbo-4 engine for the maximum performance. The luxury sports coupe earns the points for the comfort to the front seat occupants but at the same time, it loses the charm when it comes to the rear seats. The Infiniti Q60 price start at $38,950


The interiors of Infiniti Q60 have not enjoyed the same praise as the exteriors and performance. The front seats are adjustable over a wide range. The driver’s seat is easily adjustable for the most natural and comfortable position to drive. The surfaces have a nice and rich touch, and the high-quality of the product enhances its aesthetics. The size of the glovebox is nice, enough to fit an iPad. Apart from that, there are other small pockets to store thing for a long road trip. The trunk can hold the cargo of 12-cubic feet, not too bad for a car this size.



The most attractive feature of the Infiniti Q60 Coupe is the kinked rear roof pillar which is chromed to draw the eye of the onlooker. The design gives an iconic coupe shape and is assisted by a larger glass area than the previous version. However, the rear can be seen with a lip spoiler attached to the cover of the trunk. The exhausts come in a beautiful satin chrome color.

Infiniti Q60 coupe

Design and Performance:

The Q60 coupe draws its power from a 400 horsepower V6 engine. However, when it comes to the normal speeds, the car is not really great. The base trim is equipped with the turbo-4 which generate a power of 208 horsepower and 258 pound-feet of torque. The car can reach 60mph in 5.0 seconds, which is slightly more than the other cars in the same segment. The engine is coupled with a 7-speed automatic with paddle shifters, which enhances driveability.


The crash test figures of this car are not very encouraging, owing to the lower costs. However, there are a few safety features which keep the occupants safe inside. There are two main airbags for the driver and front passenger. Apart from these two airbags, there is a rollover airbag in case the car topples. There is a side-curtain airbag on each side for the rear seat passengers. The car also comes with a reverse camera which is a standard equipment in all the models. Then there is an Active Trace system, which enables it to take tighter turns. There are blind-spot monitors, a surround-view camera system, rear and forward collision warning coupled with automatic emergency braking.


To sum this up, we can say that the 2018 Infiniti Q60 coupe has a beautiful and iconic shape. The quality of products used in the interior is extremely good, and the quality of sound by the Bose music system is wonderful. However, the car lacks a good braking system. No matter how good the interiors are, space is low. The touchscreens are glossy and are prone to fingerprint marks.

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