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With onset of 2016 we all tend to explore the best in fashion for the new year. Actually each and every one of us love to look the best at all the occasions and want to be a style icon who never goes wrong with fashion. 

If I talk about myself then I must say that I am a fashion addict who loves to stay in fashion always. 

Frankly speaking I must say that “fashion is my drug”.

Today I will be discussing top four fashion trends of 2016 which you girls must follow to stay in fashion and look stylish. So girls! without wasting much of time here we go:
Stunning Scoop Neck Birds Print Sleeveless Dresses:

This birds print sleeveless dress style with scoop neck is going to be one of the most talked about and followed trends of 2016. These dresses look stylish and chic and make you remember your good old childhood days.
Floral Print Maxi Dresses For Women:

Maxi dresses without a doubt look stunning and are in vogue these days and their best variant is floral print. I am sure if you opt for these chic strapless sleeveless floral print dresses then you would be delighted with their beauty.
Animal Printed Maxi Dresses:

Now coming to animal prints, these are very much in demand and in fashion these days. I too have a good collection of animal print dresses and whenever I step outside wearing them my friends always compliment me for my choice of dress and print. 🙂
Round Neck Full Sleeves Plaid Dress:

Plaid women dress is going to be one of the best fashion trends of 2016. These plaid dresses look quite chic and elegant and can make any girl look like a princess. 
All These dresses are a must try in 2016.
These fashion trends are something that can make you look superb in 2016. So girls choose the best dress and style according to your size, shape and liking.
You will rock for sure 🙂

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