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Skin cycling is a new but ordinary skincare trend that is fast spreading in the popular social media site TikTok like bushfire. The skin care technique involves you changing your regular skin care regime over a period of not less than four days. The technique urges the use of skin care products strategically in a complimentary way.

The skin care technique comes in 4 cycles that are best practiced at night in order to achieve the best results.

On the first night, you are supposed to practice exfoliation. The second night you are required to use a retinoid and on the fourth and fifth night simply allow your skin to recover. After all these, you can start the process all over again until you achieve what you wish to get.

The idea behind the skin care technique is that when you breakup from activities, you are giving your skin the chance to get its individual benefits. It also allows sufficient time for it to recover and reset. According to Whitney Bowe, the dermatologist behind the technique says that muscles need recovery days. This makes sense that your skin also gets to benefit from recovery days too.

Is skin cycling any good for you?

This new skincare regimen is actually good for any skin type. In fact, it is especially helpful for those with sensitive skin. For sensitive skin, begin by a low grade retinoid but increase your recovery nights from the 2 days to 3 days.

If you are just starting to use exfoliating serums, retinoids or other skin issues like rosacea then you ought to consult a dermatologist. Serious skin conditions like eczema and acute acne should always be handled with care before any skin regimen is attempted.

Here’s what happens when you try skin cycling

As you already have read above skin cycling involves Retinoids as powerful ingredients in your skin cycling routine. When you use retinoids, collagen production is boosted thus you achieve a smooth textured skin that promotes repair.

In order to achieve optimum results skin cycling is best done at night for the best of results. If you are the type with the sensitive skin, it is advisable for you to apply a moisturizer on your delicate areas around the face before applying retinoids. This helps by creating some sort of a buffer that helps reduce irritation.

Why is the technique practiced at night?

The technique is best done at night as this is the time you will achieve the best results you want to get. Starting from evening time your skin starts to repair itself and thus offering optimal time for skin cycling. Use the active products or ingredients properly and ensure that you get rest for proper healing of the skin.

When you get sufficient rest, you are minimizing the chance of skin irritation that may result from the technique. However, you should remember to keep yourself hydrated as this helps your skin heal tremendously. 

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