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If there’s a notorious skin area on the body that most often doesn’t easily respond to skin care, it’s the elbows. The elbows usually remain dry and unsightly perhaps due to its peculiar location in the body which makes it be ignored sometimes.

The good news however, is that, there are ways that you can deal with that dry patch on the elbow and make it supple. Read on for you to find out everything you need to know about the best remedies for dry elbows.

So, what causes dry elbows?

Before you attempt to deal with the issue of dry elbows, it would be prudent upon you to understand the common causes of dry elbows. It is important to note that the skin around the elbow is usually thicker and also has the thickest layer of dead cells.

Also, the dryness on the elbow may be caused as a result of sitting with the elbows placed on the desk all day long. This may cause dry patches or ashy elbows that may feel itchy for you.

Another cause for dry elbows may be eczema on elbows which may be due to an infection. If this happens to be the case, it is advisable for you to seek the help of a skin specialist for treatment.

dry elbow
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How you can treat your dry elbows

Moisturize and exfoliate

There are quite a number of ways that you use to reverse the state of your dry elbows and make them healthier. Professional dermatologists advice gentle exfoliation and moisturizing as ways of eliminating dead cell buildup on the elbow.

Use retinol

You don’t have to rely on advanced dermatology techniques to achieve a healthy elbow. You can still use retinol in treating dry elbows perfectly well. As you may already know that retinol helps treat various skin problems. It helps to stimulate skin cell growth which will grow to surface of your skin replacing the old dead cells on your elbow area.

Apply coconut oil

Most cosmetic dermatology techniques usually involve use of coconut oil as an ingredient as it has lots of benefits to the skin. The best way you could apply it is directly on your elbow and then cover with a bandage on your elbow. Tying a bandage helps enhance the penetration of coconut oil into the skin.

Wear long sleeved tops

Wearing long-sleeved tops helps cover the elbow and keep the harsh sunlight at bay. Also, long sleeve shirts or tops help the skin area around the elbow prevent against rubbing against hard surfaces.

Drink sufficient amounts of water

Water helps to hydrate the body and thus hydrating the skin as well. You should thus make it a habit to drink lots of water in the course of your day. If drinking water is such a big issue for you, try taking fluids like juices or eating water rich fruits like water melon, pawpaw or oranges. These will  help you achieve a healthier skin on your elbow area.

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