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Contrary to popular belief that silica promotes hair growth it actually doesn’t. However, it offers various benefits to hair including strengthening and preventing thinning from occurring. The ingredient works best for people who suffer from thin, brittle or damaged hair as it repairs it.

Research is still being done to ascertain with concrete evidence pertaining to silica benefits on hair. It must be understood that there are a number of ways the product can be used to achieve its benefits for the hair. 

In this article we are going to learn the various benefits of silica for hair and how you can use it to improve your hair’s health.

Prevents hair thinning

Silica gel made for hair care may not directly boost your hair growth but works excellently at strengthening it and preventing hair loss. There are also silica supplements that are made for improving the hair’s silicon content and thus preventing thinning.

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It helps improve the hair tensile strength

For women who have fine hair, orthosilicic acid which is an amorphous form of silica can help improve their hair elasticity and break load. This then enables them to achieve thicker hair that is the dream of every woman out there.

How to use silica to help improve your hair

Taking it in form of supplements

The best way to use silica in order for you to get desirable results for your hair is take it orally by mouth in the form of supplements. There are various supplements containing silica dioxide that you can take to improve your hair.

The supplements are usually available as pills, silica gel or powder. You can consume any of these forms of silica but it is best to seek the advice of a doctor before using one.

silica supplements

Colloidal silica is an example of silica that can be taken by way of the mouth as a supplement. However, it is best to be cautious with anything that you buy over the counter. It is always best to first ensure that you get the approval of a qualified doctor before consuming.

Topical application

There are also hair shampoos containing the ingredient which you may purchase from the boutiques and use on your hair. They are usually applied directly on the hair to provide the benefits of strengthening your hair. However, at present there is no study that has proven the efficacy of topical silica application for better hair.

With regards to its safety, there is consensus amongst the experts that silica made for hair improvement is generally safe. You could also supplement the use of silica with other hair products that contain natural ingredients. For instance, walnut oil and rosemary oil for hair health boosting will give you better results when used with silica.

You could also get the ingredient naturally from certain foods such as leafy greens, bananas, brown rice. All these foods have been found to be highly rich in safe and natural silica that will not pose a risk to your health.

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