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Lehenga refers to a pre-stitched Indian skirt. It is long and is available in various styles and cuts.  The stylish lehenga will look super mesmerizing on you if you choose one that fit your body shape. You need to know you body shape as well as need to balance certain rules for you to look perfect in your designer stylish lehenga. The main point here is that the choice of lehenga suitable for you is dependent on the type of your body shape!

Do you already know the best type of lehenga for your body shape?

If you are still confused on what choice of lehenga suits you, don’t worry. First, you need to identify your body shape. Is it a straight or rectangular body, apple-shaped, pear-shaped, or do you have a perfect hour-glass body shape? Here are super tips to help you pick the right lehenga and blouse according to your body shape that will make you look extraordinary and admirable.

Lehenga for the rectangular or straight body shape

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The straight or rectangular body shape refers to the skinny body shape. It is characterized by lack of body curves; one appears straight from the shoulder to the hips. If you have this type of body shape, your aim should be to dress in a way that makes you appear curvy as well as increase your volume to bring out an ideal body shape.

In this case, the sharara or fish cut style lehengas and the flare a line lehenga will perfectly suit you as they are bound to make you look curvy and attractive. The choice of fabric should be the stiff type as this aid in adding volume. You can comfortably pair the lehenga with curvy shaped deep neckline blouse or short crop choli.

  • Lehenga for the hour glass body shape

Lehenga for an hour glass shape or mermaid lehenga

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This body shape goes well with almost all types of lehengas as it has a well defined waistline as well as the bust and hips are well curved. The Fish cut or A-line style lehenga, the crop top or long choli, the cotton dupatta or net dupatta paired with any style of drape fits perfectly. Any type of lehenga as well as blouse styles will look fancy on you if you have this body shape.

  • Lehenga for a Pear shaped body

Lehenga for a pear shape body

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A pear shaped body is the most typical for Indian women and it is characterized by a wider hip line in comparison to the individual’s shoulder and bust width. If you have this body shape, flared or A-line lehenga is suitable for you. The secret is; it looks wide hence conceals you big hips and takes over undue attention. You need to also note that the type material used matters a lot. For this case it is best to choose velvet, georgette, or chiffon fabric with elaborate embroidery to aid in masking your heavier bottom. You can comfortably carry a lehenga drape that is designer styled, a net dupatta (for A-line style) for a perfect and gorgeous look!

For this body shape, you also need to go for striking and sensual blouses that drive away focus from your big hips. However, you should strictly refrain from straight-cut lehengsa, fishtail lehengas, as well as highly flared lehengas.

  • Lehenga for an apple shaped body

lehenga for an apple shape body

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Is your body fuller at the waist region and your bust side large with broad shoulders? If yes then you have an apple shape body. If in your case the hips are narrower, try the flared or layered lehenga styles that have multiple stitches near their waist. You can also go for the long kameez choli style. These styles will aid in balancing the broadness of your shoulder and bust.

The flared lehenga is ideal for it helps in making your waist appear smaller than it actually is in reality. It is advisable for you to pick on similar colors to help make you look slim. You should avoid the heavy embroidered waistline border for it tends to highlight your heavy waist. A highlighted hemline border would be very ideal for you.

For this body shape, you should not go for the skinny or the short waist baring blouses. The reason behind this is that they are likely to show your body shape. Instead, and try out jacket or long jacket style made of soft fabric like georgette, crepe, or chiffon fabric. Long and attractive tunics or blouse paired with stylish flared lehengas like the A-line lehengas and circular lehengas are good for this body shape.

Now you know which lehenga style fits you best so it’s time to shop for lehenga now and look perfect and attractive in this gorgeous ethnic wear.

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