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Pretty Pastel Trend for Bridesmaid Looks

Pretty pastels have been one of the most opted color palettes as long as I can remember. Pastels are subdued, subtle, and yet so graceful shades that you can’t help but be dazed in its serenity. These pretty pastels include pinks, creams, beiges, and greens, which are versatile enough to work with any theme.

pastel color bridesmaid dresses

Sure pastels have been associated with baby showers and the Easter holiday. But this is how you can premise your wedding around this amazing color scheme.

1. Pastel Décor:

Thinking of Pastel Décor for a day-wedding? Does it get any better than this? Pastel décor to begin with radiates sheer elegance and exquisiteness. So if you want to inculcate pastels, you better work that décor.

pastel decor


2. Pastel Invites:

Following the theme, make sure your invites have either a rustic country-side feel with beiges. Or, you can have a pastel background with vibes of a garden party. Both of these ideas can work perfectly for a pastel wedding.

3. Pastel Bridesmaids Dresses:

Now to the most important part, color your bridesmaids in shades of pastels. Apart from the bride who will definitely exude an all-white divinity, your bridesmaids mustn’t be looked over. Make sure to dress them in complimentary blush bridesmaid dresses. Shades of blush, as well as flesh-tones, are working beautifully these days.

pastel color bridesmaid dress

To assist you further with your bridesmaids dress hunting, follow the below-mentioned tips:

4.   Age-appropriate Dress:

Pastels can seem pretty dull if the right shades are not chosen. Your young bridesmaids mustn’t look like as though they’re attending a communion.

So pick sexy yet elegant dresses that flaunt their youthful curves while keeping the sophistication intact.

5.   The Hues are Important:

Don’t opt for an all matching theme where your bridesmaids are wearing the exact same shade and style of dress. Can you even sense the monotony in those wedding photographs?

Here’s a pro tip: Mix a bunch of pastel shades ranging from dusty rose to flush of green, pale pink or lilac. This ought to spark those fireworks in your wedding aura.

6.   Mix ‘n’ Match:

So let’s just say you want to affix with one particular shade of pastel. You can still work up a lot of magic and not have any monotonous vibes.

To be able to ensure this you can buy all the bridesmaid dresses from the same store. This will ensure similar tones and shades. For adding variety, you can try different styles of dresses.

To bring the entire look together, include foliage for a goddess-like touch. Pair the dresses with complimentary shades of bouquets. For instance, sea green would pair perfectly with peach flowers.

7.   Wrapping-Up:

One of the most important tips while doing bridesmaids’ dress shopping is to consult your bridesmaids. It’s their opinion that will add a lot of value at this point. After finalizing the bridesmaids’ dresses, you can now create complimentary tones for the accessories. Dainty bracelets, stud earrings etc. are bound to exude royalty.

To bring it all together, a nice flush of pink makeup for a healthy glow will do it for your bridesmaids.


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