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A Guide to Measuring Your Hand for the Perfect Bangle Fit
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Bangles always make for a great fashion accessory, providing, of course, that they fit properly. If you are at all unsure how to measure your hands for a bangle fit, here are a few tips to help ensure that you always buy the right size bangles when shopping for jewellery.

  • Measure an Existing Bangle – If you already have a bangle that fits perfectly, simply measure the inner circumference with a piece of string and then hold that against a ruler, which will give you the circumference measurement. If you would like to view an extensive selection of fine sterling silver bangles, search online for an established jewellery retailer, who would have many different styles at down to earth prices.
  • Measure the Widest Part of your Hand – If you are looking to acquire silver bangles, rather than focusing on your wrist size, you should measure the circumference of your hand at the widest point. This is easily done with a cloth tape measure, and by tucking your thumb into the palm of your hand and touching your little finger, you can measure the circumference at the widest point of your hand.
  • Measuring Without a Tape Measure – If a tape measure is not available, you can use a piece of cord or string. You can then measure that against a ruler. To be absolutely sure, you could always measure a second time, which should give you the exact same measurement. There is also a guide to measuring your wrist, which is useful when you are buying a watch or a bracelet.
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  • Slightly Smaller is Ideal – If, for example, the circumference of your hand is 20cm, then a 19cm bangle would be a perfect fit, which would fit over your hand with little resistance. Obviously, you want to be able to slip the bangle on and off, so choosing something that is slightly smaller than the measured circumference is the perfect solution. If you buy bangles that are too big, they will easily fall off your wrist, so it is always best to opt for something tight, as you will never lose the item.
  • The Two Dots Method – This is another way to discover your correct bangle size, and by using a felt tip marker pen (fine tip) make a dot in the centre of your index finger knuckle, then do the same thing with your little finger knuckle. This measurement would be the correct bangle size, so a 60mm bangle would fit you is the distance between the two dots is 60mm.

It is now very fashionable to mix and match bangles, with different thickness and finishes, and if you have a considerable collection, perhaps it is time to get them all out and see how you can combine them for different looks.

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If you wish to add to your bangle collection, one of the above methods will ensure that you purchase the right size, and if you buy from an established online jeweller, you can be sure that the items are of top quality.

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